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Remember when Virginia Postrel was an interesting, big time blogger? Have you noticed she has sorta fallen off the radar. Today she popped her head up in this contradictory and surprisingly unfair op-ed in the New York Post.

In her piece she pats herself on the back for being “a good tipper” but then says will not be tipping her Uber drivers and suggests to her readers to follow her lead. She goes further by saying she will save that money for her hotel maid.

Unlike maids, Uber drivers pay for their own car, gas, insurance, and maintenance and drive at the whim of the company who can raise and lower the rates whenever they please (typically the company lowers the fares).

Unlike hotels, Uber can flood the market with as many competitive cars as they wish making it tougher for drivers to pay for those cars/gas/repairs, etc. And unlike maids drivers have to deal with your ungrateful bs on the daily while in traffic often while you’re drunk/buzzed/irritated.

This handwringing over giving someone two fucking dollars for a ride that just a few years ago would have cost you double if not triple, is some of the most entitled bullshit i’ve seen since al gore invented the internet.

It needs to stop.

Give your driver a few bucks and get over it.

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