back to the back to the beat y’all

i got rhymes so fat and sweet y’all

ubes had a promotion this morning to get all our lazy asses outta bed on Easter Saturday, a morning that is typically slow, and we know

so like most smart drivers, i don’t get excited for anything unless it’s 1.9 or over

so for an hour in large swath on the east side of town they had a 2x surge – but the passenger doesnt pay the surge, ubes does.

and then in the next hour they had a 2.4x surge from koreatown to the west.

first ride was this young japanese woman. short ride. we passed a new target near mccarthur park.

a little one. like a corner store.

target i asked the silent / shy lady.

yes! she perked up.

you are so lucky i said.

yes, she agreed and settled back into the seat, looking out at the buildings going by.

$7 for a 7 minute ride. whatever. figured i was near the Line Hotel. figured i should probably circle it a few times because 2.4 times the airport is what it’s all about.

circled around it once. nothing. circled around again: ping. a mom and her two teenage daughters. Mexican.

i start the deal and it says Universal Hollywood.

hey we’re going to Hogwarts i say.

the ladies laugh, yes!

i told them how great their hotel is. about roy choi. kogi.

then i ask, where in mexico are you senioritas from?

the mom says, mexico city!

they tell me a little about it and i ask,

is it true that in mexico city the ladies have to ride Women’s Only busses

because the men are too — and i made the Grabby Hands gesture with wiggling my fingers

and they said yes.

and i said, im so so sorry.

missed my flight yesterday, thanks xbi

me and benthe agency thought i could do something last minute on a saturday right before i was supposed to be jetting to the airport

and i was all, double, they were all, forget it. i was like syanarya. they were all thats not even how you spell it.

because i am toooooo nice for my own good i did it and got the greatest uber driver to take me to the airport andelay. super cool. i asked him where he is from he said, i am from mexico my friend. i said where?

and listen to this he told me he was nervous about trump. i said hes not gonna win. he said but im nervous and heres what im thinking, so he deports us. good. maybe thats the best thing to make mexico strong. maybe the mexicans like me in the US work hard. maybe we are smarter. maybe we have learned english. maybe we have learned skills here. maybe if we bring it all back to mexico in large amounts. maybe we can kick out the criminals who run so many things in mexico and maybe we can make it a great country. a strong country.

i said, a better version of canada?

he said, our food and weather are already better.

and then we talked about tacos for the rest of the ride. being from Michoacán he was all about the carnitas. i was all, how long have you been in LA? he said, 12 years. i was all wheres the best carnitas in LA? he said, in my belly, thanks to my wife.

mark johnson has been crashing with me. today he wanted breakfast, so i called up emilo and said we’ll be in DTLA in 25 minutes. we all met and went over to Cliftons which has great breakfast and who knew it, a jazz band. dude played flute, clarinet, sax. really good jazz too. then we wanted a beer to wash it all down so we went to the former LA Brewing Co. which is now Beirgarten LA. and who do we run into, Mr. Ben Sullivan and his fiancee and her amigos.

as Dov would say, “that’s Los Angeles.”

finally got my pictures back from my floppy disks

it was a killer wedding that ken and laura threw in baja, mexico. totally beautiful, tons of friends, great food, good tunes, good times, great dancing. charlie definately won the best dancer award with brendon a close second.

greg took some amazing pictures (like the one on the right), as did kens’ sister ronda as did the fabulous emmanuelle, whos website is only looking better each day. And wait, Ben and Marketa posted pics too!

after going to all these weddings, i say everyone oughtta get hitched soon. and when you do, head on over to baja and get it done right there on the edge of the world, invite all the kids, eat some lobster, and boogie.

tune in tomorrow when you will see what happened the next day, when Chris and i decided to journey even further south, to the magical and curious lands of Ensenada, birthplace of the fish taco and and drugstores that will sell you anything, pretty much, even without a prescription!

Meanwhile we should all ponder why i chose to only get three hours sleep each night that i hafta work. i got plenty of sleep when i was not expected in the office. maybe it had to do with the fact that i chose to answer the phone at four a.m. if i dont answer it at 4 pm. why would i do it at 4 am? cuz im dumb. if theres one thing you should take to your heart about me it’s that: dumb as a can of paint. thats me. second place at kissin contests and iq of two. hi.

heres a photo essay of the ceremony