finally got my pictures back from my floppy disks

it was a killer wedding that ken and laura threw in baja, mexico. totally beautiful, tons of friends, great food, good tunes, good times, great dancing. charlie definately won the best dancer award with brendon a close second.

greg took some amazing pictures (like the one on the right), as did kens’ sister ronda as did the fabulous emmanuelle, whos website is only looking better each day. And wait, Ben and Marketa posted pics too!

after going to all these weddings, i say everyone oughtta get hitched soon. and when you do, head on over to baja and get it done right there on the edge of the world, invite all the kids, eat some lobster, and boogie.

tune in tomorrow when you will see what happened the next day, when Chris and i decided to journey even further south, to the magical and curious lands of Ensenada, birthplace of the fish taco and and drugstores that will sell you anything, pretty much, even without a prescription!

Meanwhile we should all ponder why i chose to only get three hours sleep each night that i hafta work. i got plenty of sleep when i was not expected in the office. maybe it had to do with the fact that i chose to answer the phone at four a.m. if i dont answer it at 4 pm. why would i do it at 4 am? cuz im dumb. if theres one thing you should take to your heart about me it’s that: dumb as a can of paint. thats me. second place at kissin contests and iq of two. hi.

heres a photo essay of the ceremony

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