the fans are cheering ker-ry ker=ry

as we waltz into the bottom of the ninth.

cubs up 2-1. wind still blowing in.

strike one gets the fans cheering some more. foul strike two to casey. crowd gets even more loud. casey hasnt gotten a hit all day.

wood has struck out six and two walks. foul ball out of play.

casey digs in on the left hand side of the plate. wood is a righty. grounder up the middle. tying run on first with your boy adam dunn up.

hes been on base three times today with a homer a single and a walk. fouled off, strike one.

outside curve called a strike low. not sure if that was a strike but we’ll take it.

one ball drink two strikes.

curt schilling beat mike mussina today. go sox. two and two is the count with ryan freel on deck.

close outside pitch this time is called a ball.


crowd boos. full count. walks him, he bitches at the ump. barrett gets in the way of wood who is chawwing at the ump. the crowd boos louder. dusty who got thrown out yesterday runs to the ump. it did look like a strike on further review. but theres no crying and no replaying in baseball.

down with the commish.

cubs looking for the triple play. juan castro comes in to run for casey. bunt by freel. great bunt, ramirez comes in barehands it throws it out. runners advance. pitching coach larry rothchild goes to the mound. the whole infield listens to what he tells kerry wood.

jason la rue is up. the crowd is up. one out and theyre on their feet. cubs at normal depth in the infield. strike one swinging. why isnt the cub infield in. fly deep to left. back alou nabs it, run scores.

people boo but it might be alllouuuu. its a tie game. lidle is off the hook.

wily mo pena is up. strike one. fouled off for strike two.

pena digs in. crowd cheers. high heat fouled off. theyre going to go through it again. kerry toes the rubber. crowd builds it up ball outside. drink hos.

wily mo pena. drives it to center. gets behind patterson. reds are up 3-2. dumbass steve stone and chip caray show no emotion cuz they suck. they should be heartbroken as all cub fans are. they should be pissed at the ump pissed at dusty but they have no souls they’re hacks. harry would be sad you could hear it in his voice.

dusty comes to mound to give the hook to wood, as soon as kerry gives the ball to dusty he yells at the ump a word that starts with f and rhymes with suck you and your cunt mother. the ump throws him out he runs at the ump the ump throws him out again. the crowd cheers and fuckfaces thats how you should be feeling right now. pissed off angry pissed sad angry and angry. that is if you have a soul that is if you know how to do your jobs. youre not the mouthpeices of the tribune corp youre the eyes and ears of the fans. stoney sat with harry and chip is harrys grandson. stil they sit on their hands like it cant be done any other way than the costas way.

i wish i could throw chip and steve out of the game. dusty pushes kerry away and kerry looks like hes gonna cry. the fans cheer and kerry breaks at least a half dozen fcc rules of indecency because i could swear i lip-read him say something about donkey balls. baker pushes him to the dug out, kerry strains for eye contact, steve stone continues to be boring and chip caray tries to be professional but if i wanted professional id be watching this on espn. wood yanks his hat off. the crowd loves him.

i love him. he went nine and a third. now in the dugout he throws his hat onto the field in disgust. a helmet is thrown. the crowd is going wild. they should. the ump is taking notes. he can shove the notes up his ass. the bleacher bums throw trash over the fence and onto the field. caray and stone throw nothing. im throwing my trash into the yard.

im putting this game on tivo pause. kent merker comes in for the cubs. bleacher bums chant bullshit bullshit. the fcc doenst fine wgn. even though thats 47,000 people yelling indecencies.

grounder to short ends the innings to a chorus of boos and this time they really are boos.

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