they call it the world’s first marijuana atm

but if you ask me its the worlds first marijuana vending machine.

atms are machines that give you whats already yours. vending machines give you what you’d like to have.

certain people in Los Angeles have prescriptions from doctors that allow them to legally purchase marijuana. apparently some of those people dont want to get their medicine from humans who can recommend various strains of that medicine, and others want to get their medicine late late at night.

thus the 24/7 Marijuana Vending Machine fills a nice little void.

Thrillist has photos of the machine and the little package of pot that comes out.they call the machines ATMs in the headline, but AVMs in the body of the text (maybe theyve been sampling the merchandise?)

AVMs are 24/7 machines housed in standalone rooms, abutting two dispensaries and protected by round-the-clock security guards — like ATMs for people combating psychological withdrawal with a physical one. After cinching up your doctor’s consultation, hit an AVM location to get your prescription approved, fingerprint taken, and a prepaid credit card loaded with your profile: dosage (3.5 or 7 grams, up to 1oz a week) and strain preference (choice of five, including OG Cush and Granddaddy Purple, the mildly hallucinogenic forebear to Prince). Then day or night, all you do is hit a machine and walk away with enough vacuum-sealed, plastic-encapsulated cheeba to adequately treat your illness, and guarantee your car never smells like new leather again.

The Worlds First Marijuana Machine can be found here in LA at: Melrose Quality Pain Relief, 4906 Melrose Ave and at Herbal Nutrition Center, 1435 S. La Cienega Blvd.

Somewhat Related: Today California’s high court ruled that your workplace can fire you for failing your piss test EVEN if you have a prescription from your doctor recommending that you ingest weed.

The big loser in this case – Gary Ross who was fired from RagingWire Telecommunications shortly after he was hired there and failed the drug test. Why did he get a weed prescription? Because he was an Air Force veteran who got back pains after injuries in the service.

He received a physician’s recommendation to use pot in 1999 and presented a card certifying his use of the narcotic when he took the employment drug test in 2001.

Ross said his condition does “not affect his ability to do the essential functions of the job” his former employer hired him to do, according to his original complaint.

California Supreme Court, why do you hate America and our troops?

this woman is married to a police chief

she is also a former prosecutor and PTA President. oh, and she is also accused of having sex with two underage boys, joining other teens in booze and pot parties. She pleaded not guilty to 35 counts of statutory rape, criminal sex acts, sex abuse and endangering children.

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