this brendan. he was my summer intern. friday his internship was over

brendan did a really great job. he even cracked some really good jokes at the perfect time.

we had him do a lot of things, and i had him come to a few interesting meetings. i wanted him to get a taste of a whole bunch of different aspects of online journalism in a very short period of time and i think he got that.

but now he’s missed. especially on days like today where we’re going to turn the site inside out as we launch the new redesign.

this is angela. friday was her last day too.

angela and i started on the very same day.

for some reason i always thought of her as a usc trojan, but it turned out she had taken a break from harvard to join the times’ online sales dept.

now shes going back to finish up her mba(!)

angela was actually in the meeting where brendan told his best joke.

ah i miss them both.