i nearly crashed the car when i was texted the news today

prince at the troubadour

then through most of the day i asked myself, what purpose is life>?

a guy cranks out so much music over the years. always on tour. always doing new things.

always wearing new clothes, new bands, new hairstyles, new passions

and then what: TMZ gets the scoop that youre dead?

thats why we do this? thats what happens to the best there was?

dude played like Hendrix, danced like James Brown, sang like… no one else

looked like no one else, acted like no one else, probably smelled like a freshly laundered unicorn

only guy in the world who could wear exactly the same clothes your girl was wearing

down to the shoes and the purse

and steal yr girl.

i saw him in san jose, staples, coachella, the forum and the troubadour

was better than even bruce because he never let ANYTHING tie him down to a structure.

only thing he HAD to do was play purple rain and guess what, at the Troub he didn’t play Purple Rain and people didnt give one f. except me because as ashley* said way back when im never satisfied and shes right.

for the exception of at the forum. he played for 55 hours. half of the audience left after the 18th encore. he had leased the building out for the entire month. he was on Prince Time, not our time. so he would play, make an exit and come back in 10 minutes and play more hits. it was a marvel. he was a marvel. he was the exception of all rules.

he was the maestro, the genius, the master and unlike many who are like that: he had soul for days.

soul is the reason for life.

how do we take care of our soul.

how do we tickle the souls of others.

and how do we stay sexy until our very last breath.

prince did it and i hope we never learn how he died because i wanna believe he just turned into a dove and flew away.

i knew she was a model right away

modelshe was tall, skinny, carefree. made me wait.

i got pinged about 7 minutes away. i was in venice. i forget why. who knows.

it was surging almost double the normal price so i accepted it.

youd think if you ping an uber and 7 minutes later youd be ready, but think again. life isnt like that. youre gonna wait. the pin was dropped on a lifeguard station on the beach so as i went down as far as i could on the street i called.

hey this is uber

hi yeah, can you wait just a minute, im in the candy store on the boardwalk.

did this piss me off? of course. it’s my fatal flaw. it’s the thing that will probably kill me one day. it’ll give me a heart attack. for some reason i believe that if when you order your uber and it says he will be there in 7 minutes, you should be outside waiting when it says he will arrive.

NOT omg i have 7 minutes, lets browse and then BUY THINGS at the candy store.

so as i waited in an alley right near the beach i took a snapchat of the scene – which was beautiful – the sun had set – the seagulls had descended – the shops were closing up – the tourists were strolling

the palm trees were saying just enjoy where youre at, tony,

not where you think you should be

so i did.

and she emerged from the candy store, a tall


dark figure with good hair and a little bag

she got in behind me

said, wanna gummy bear