“heard your boss hassling you.”

it’s ok.

“doesn’t he know what you do some mornings?”


“don’t you want to tell him?”



not everyone needs to know.

“but you were only fifteen minutes late.”

it’s cool.

“i like your blog re-design.”

yea, me too. took all night.

“i thought ashley came over last night.”

she did.

“how did you redesign your blog if she was over?”

it wasnt easy.

“i saw you at the gym last night after work.”

i was only there for a little while.

“did you get a load of those french guys?”

i wound up in the sauna with them.

“ive never seen two guys talk so much.”

they were talking like crazy in the sauna.

“what were they saying, you speak french.”

they were talking about french grammar.


i think they had discovered that they were both french high school teachers and they were trying to figure out better ways to explain the masculine and feminine french words.

“like what?”

they were driving me crazy, i left after they agreed on le madame president.

“what’s that mean?”

the lady president.

“yeah, like highschoolers are gonna be saying that a lot when they go to france.”

never know.

“why do i always see you watching Regis when i pass your desk in the morning?”

cuz i think hes funny as hell.

“what’s up with Black History Month, it sorta took a stall.”

you know us Blacks, we’re shiftless and lazy.

“no, really.”

sunday i was busy, last night ashley pouted that i was working on the blog and wouldnt let me do a little feature thing.

“oh, whats up with telling everyone where she works, arent you afraid of stalkers?”


“isn’t she?”


“what if some freak seems to think that she’s all into them just cuz shes so friendly?”

if they touch her, they’ll probably get maced or shot in the nuts.

“she packs?”

shes xbi too.

“i thought you met her on the web?”

on the drew barrymore web site?


nothing on this site is true.

“but some of it…”

nothing on this site is true.

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