im going to the dentist tomorrow morning

so i will do my best to post something tonight and publish it before i leave to get my wisdom tooth extracted. perhaps i’ll even bring a camera.

yesterday i was driving Ashley home and we passed two Buffy landmarks, we found her home and her school. it would have been a little more exciting but to get to these important Torrance monuments we had to drive through the less-than-impressive city of Carson.

As we approached the famous Sunnydale High I came across a brilliant idea, that to sell my extracted wisdom tooth online!

this tooth has been in my body for nearly 108 years and if Luis Gonzalez can get several thousand dollars for his bubble gum, i should be able to get a pretty penny for my rotton molar.

all of this is in fun, but nothing is as fun, however, as my friend marc brown who compared my grade school picture today with that of a famous celebrity. enjoy!

today im going to the Laker game

this weekend i got to hang out with a cute gurl, i went food shopping twice this weekend. i guess i have a pretty good life.

God did i get a lot of email last week. some good questions. this one extremely perceptive reader (stalker) noticed that i count my blessings a lot and wondered if i was just rubbing it in. no, im just trying to feel good about myself, which is a constant battle, which is one very good arguement for people like me to hang out with cheerleaders.

when i was in junior high i was a superstar point guard for our school’s team and the cheerleaders had a great cheer for me each time i would score a point. they would sing, “Tony the Tiger says the mighty Chargers are grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!”

The older i got the less i heard that cheer, but it’s cool.

What’s also cool is watching Tiger Woods clean up at the Masters. Ashely doesnt seem to get the excitement, but Tiger has his his own cheerleaders. “You are so much cuter than him,” she’ll say as we watch. And I tell her that it’s not really a beauty contest but she sticks to her point and squeezes my hand.

Strawberries were on sale this weekend.

Polite review regarding the car that I rented these last days: The Nissan Altima was luxurious and pleasant.