when i was a Catholic i used to hate going to church

but once i was in the church i felt sooooo much better. thats how i feel about socializing here in tinsel town.

last night i went to Casita del Campo – an amazingly fun family-owned family styled Mexican restaurant in Silverlake that has a wide assortment of free gay weeklies that welcome you as you climb the stairs en route to some powerful margueritas.

karisa and i can drink, and after only a few of them we were hammered.

the purpose of the night’s festivities was for the LA Press Club to meet the LA Bloggers, but like most parties, friends congregate with friends and I didnt actually meet that many new people, but the few that i did meet were completely cool. Yes, Virginia Postrel was there but I was slurring by the time i could have introduced myself to her, but i was happy to meet Andrew Hofer, one of the guys from Happy Fun Pundit, as well as adult industry gossip legend Luke Ford.

Rabbit was there, Prof. Volokh was there, the friendly republican, all the usual suspects really, including tons of my friends from college, and there was even a transvestite tarot card reader who got absolutely no attention paid to him since the conversation was predictably unpredictable and lively.

Topics that were discussed: The history of eye glasses. (Apparently the Romans invented them 600 years ago.) Somehow that segued into debunking the myth that homosexuals account for 3% and not 10% of the population. This caused much friendly debate after i pointed out that if the 10% was accurate, the Lakers have one gay player, and that discussion then segued to cheese and how it was created so as to preserve milk, bringing about the point that if refrigeration was invented earlier, we might not have ever had our glorious cheeses.

That’s when I met Luke Ford and we all started talking about porn and religion, sufficite to say I was feeling quite comfortable in that conversation.

Ford is an interesting person in that he was the superstar of adult video reporting. He says that his old site lukeford.com got over 8,000 unique visitors a day, but when he, an Austrailian, started to get serious about his Judiasm, he sold his site and renounced his career. his new homepage is at lukeford.net

Despite all the strange things that I have seen with my limited experience around the adult industry, there is nothing weirder than to see a guy with an Austrailian accent sporting a yamulke who has a striking resemblance to my long lost GS Warrior pal, Chris Scheer, propose that most girls who get into porn are closet “whores” who make their real money by marrying rich men who they meet because of their videos.

im sorry, im all over the place. im a little hung over. thank God today is Friday. i think im gonna get a haircut.

if you want to see how i can write when im focused, click over to yesterday’s Baseball Blog 2002 and watch me kick a man when he’s down.