hi. im about to fly away to a sandy oasis.

i finally put up a new interview. this is one of a canadian girl. she was pretty cool. maybe we will chat again.

im watching the angels make a spectacular comeback.

chris is coming to pick me up and take me away.

my mom is now saying that i cannot use any computers on the road.

lefty tony seems to think that he can update this while im gone, but im not so sure. so if this is all you see then so be it.

the skinny girl might want your attention. shes doing better. so that makes me happy.

thanks to all the people who stoked me by flowing the bus blog last month. thanks to my brother in law for the first class upgrades.

no thanks to best buy who didnt fix my camera on time.

i guess i’ll just have to write long hand and read trashy novels and relax and drink and sleep and eat.

i will come back, but dont call it a comeback.



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