am i the only one thinking that naomi campbell looks amazing?

theres a church next door that has a huge sign that says “come in now,” and i think if they had naomi cambell in the clergy, maybe we’d all sign up.

has she aged a day?

incredible tummy, beautiful legs, attitude in her strut: why isnt naomi campbell on the cover of every health and fitness magazine in production?

im thinking she’s an alien.

i heard rumors that she has a pretty bad attitude, and has often times been called a bitch.

you know what? fine.

i want my supermodels to be spoiled bitches.

jenny mccarthy might have had the hottest and cutest playboy layout of all time. but as soon as she started putting her finger up her nose and trying to act like one of the boys, it lost everything for me.

if naomi was my girl, i’d let her pout. why not? any time she just wanted to walk around the house complaining about this one or that one, throwing dishes, taking a golf club to televisions, spitting, i would just go into the game room and play my xbox on the 42″ plasma screen.

let it out, naomi.

and if, for whatever reason, she wanted to start drifting her anger in my direction, i’d say, whatever baby, cuz as hot as you are, my mother is still the most beautiful woman in the world.

which is true.

and today is her birthday.

happy birthday, mom.

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