hi anna, you big loser

hi tony, you big jerk.

do you love me anna?

no, not tonight i dont.

do you love enrique tonight?

yes, he’s my sweetie.

i thought i was your sweetie!

no youre my furry bear.

anna, what are you and martina doing losing to a spaniard and an argentinian in doubles at the us open?

those girls are good!

not really, blondie.

what are you doing losing your first softball game, tony?

i played like shit.

thats what i heard too.

i flew out with the bases loaded.

trying to hit a glam slam?

it’s grand slam, and yes, thats what i was trying to do.

trying to impress carlisa?

nothing i did today impressed carlisa, who played excellently tonight.

i hear you and ashley are back together?

i wouldnt go that far, we’re just agreeing to try to work things out.

do you want her as your girlfriend?


so whats to work out?

i dont want you as my girlfriend either, but we still have things to work out, anna.

like what?

like how you keep flaunting this sick lust affair you have with enrique.

oh tony, quit being jealous. he and i are just friends.

i saw your little lap dance.

it was trick photography.

you never lap danced for me.

not true.

come back to me, anna.


for old times sake.


just for about twenty minutes.

ew. no!

marry me.

i hafta go to bed now.

but its so early.

i didnt say i had to go to sleep.

youre killing me, anna.

im sure you’ll forget all about this tomorrow night when your girl returns.

you know youre the only girl for me.


i swear.

your nose is growing.

ok, go attack that overpaid taquito.

i’ll call you soon.

bye anna spazamma.

bye tony balongna.

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