hi mr. big shot

hi super cool tennis chickie

i see you got linked by who many consider the Biggest Blogger on Earth, Dave from the Scripting News.

i see you won again in China over Zheng Jie 6-4 7-6 to advance to the quarter finals.

it was easy.


no. but i also see that you were linked today by the inventor of Blogger, Ev!

i’ll wake up tomorrow and none of this will be true.

shit, do you think we’re both dreaming today?

never know. yesterday Doc and Instapundit linked me and i thought that was cool. but to have these guys today… i’ll stop, sorry, anna.

it’s okay, you can geek out on me.

i wont, hey hows the food.

you know i hate chinese food, i just put soy sauce on the rice and munch on carrots and drink beer.

are you gonna win this tournament, anna?

i dont know, i feel pretty good. it’s weird.

i’ll pray for you tonight, if you want.

please do, tony.

i cant believe youve never won a pro tournament.

i know, you think just showing up to enough of them i’d just win one out of dumb luck.

maybe when God was handing out dumb luck, he passed you up and gave you a double heaping of hottness.

you sound like youre in such a good mood tony.

i am!

did the LA Times really do a story on Bloggers and not even interview one LA Blogger?

yep. didnt you click the links?

aaaaah, i never click the links. i just like to stay and read your whole thing. plus im only on a 56k modem here at this Internet cafe.

they have those out there?

yeah, well, its really a store that has computers and phones and faxes. it’s hot in here. they have warm Cokes in cans and bottles of water. not plastic bottles, real glass bottles. it’s really interesting but i cant wait to get out of here.


no, just out of this Cafe – im getting a little crowd. the kids are telling me to say hi to you.

hi Chinese kids!

they are all saying “death to the LA Times and lazy puff peice journalism.”

God bless the kids.

wish me luck tony, i’ll need it.

good luck anna, eye of the tiger, hot babe.



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