i was supposed to see a movie

with a hot chick last night, but she stood me up.

we sorta had an agreement that said that if i didn’t finish my proposal for my dream job that she wouldn’t go to the movies with me. but it was sorta a joke agreement. she knows that im terrified to write the proposal and ive been procrastinating it for quite a while.

but she didn’t even call or email me to tell me that we weren’t gonna hang, and that made me sad, and it didn’t motivate me to write last night. it just motivated me to drink alone and watch tv.

kissing motivates me.

when girls come over to my house and lift their shirts, that motivates me.

if some girls came over and said, hi tony, we’re here to help you. first we’re going to show your our magical boobies and then we’re going to sit here while you work, that would get me to work.

some people are motivated by money or power or job titles or merchandise.

me, im very visual. and i like to kiss hot babes.

if one of those girls saw that i wasn’t typing and she came over and sat on my lap and said, “god i love your writing and your style, and the way that your apartment is messy, but still cozy,” and then kissed me and then went over to the couch and said, “i’ll give you another kiss after you do 5 good paragraphs,” i would do 5 good paragraphs.

some writers cant write with other people around.

not me.

some of the best stuff that i wrote in college was in a very busy loud crazy sexy cool newsroom where people were yelling and dancing and arguing and kissing and skateboarding and playing wiffleball and nerf basketball and drinking wine and telling lies and changing the radio stations and all that.

i forget what motivated me back then, but im sure it wasn’t the cold shoulder.

anyway, im sure she didn’t know all this. im not sure she knows me that well.

but now that she does, i’ll let you know about the progress of .. well, everything.

speaking of which, i got some of my proposal done, and ashley is coming up here a little after midnight to tuck me in and wake up with me in the morn to watch da bears win their second straight game.

tomorrow evening is going to be interesting. you don’t mind if i ramble, do you? hope not.

tomorrow evening on tv i have to choose between my beloved raiders playing the espn evening game, anna nicole smith on E! and then on the howard stern show, or the season premiere of the sopranos.

something tells me im gonna watch the raiders since the other two will be rerunned.

today bob dylan tickets went on sale for his three night stand at the wiltern theatre, a venue i see every day on my way to work.

face value of the tickets are $75-150.

the wiltern is owned by Clear Channel who owns many radio stations.

why is it that i have the feeling that lots of radio jerks are going to see bob dylan play for free and the general public are going to make up the difference by paying the ridiculous prices?

sometimes i do wish i was a millionaire.

id see a lot more shows.

okay, gotta shower. a hot blonde twenty year old girl is gonna come here and make me forget all about bob dylan and whisper sweet things in my ear which will then turn into beautiful blog entries for your asses.


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