ive had Directv for about 6-7 years now.

who counts these things. finally they sent me a thank you card and offered me a free pay-per-view if i filled out a survey online. it’s about time, i have total choice, the local channels, the football, baseball, and basketball package, and hbo. plus for a few years i had my own company that specialized in hooking up directv satelite dishes.

one pay-per-view movie? youre too kind.

but its cool. im addicted. i dont ask my heroin dealer for a few free grams. i dont ask my arms dealer for a free machine gun. i dont ask my senators to put free condoms in the shopping malls of california. i consume, i pay, im satisfied.

this weekend courtney love is, reportedly, going to spend 24 hours on MTV-2, one of my favorite channels. if i know MTV-2, they’ll let coutrney play anything she wants. just other day they had the Jay-Z unplugged concert on. i love that station. they had a Hives concert that was amazing. they let that fat tattooed punk rocker deliver the news, beautifully. it’s almost like they took everything good that MTV isnt doing and stuck it on the sister station.

there are some networks that i would like to see on my directv, if theres any billionaires out there looking to form a channel. i want a live car chase channel. in LA theres always car chases. they break into local programming and the cops always get their man, but its really entertaining.

i would want them to give us details about the neighborhoods that theyre speeding through, details about the car that theyre chasing. comedians could make jokes. the cross promotion and ad potentials are boundless. then when there arent any live chases, you could show us some classic ones. then when theres none of those, you could just feed in some survielence cam stuff. who doesnt like to people watch? thats all it is.

right now i would like to have a shot of venice beach. then in 5 minutes show me miami beach, then show me waikiki beach. then show me the mexican border. reality tv network. just make me vp in charge of programming and we’ll call it even.

i was late to work today because they were spreading a red carpet on hollywood blvd in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre and all the busses freak out. youd think it would be simple enough to just cruise around the block, but no, they completely freak out and everyone was late.

i think today on reality carchase tv we could all watch the red carpet get laid out. i watch stupider stuff on tv.

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