my favorite cam girl

is oish. my second favorite cam girl is nay. this is what nay wrote today:

Where were you on this day one year ago? I remember everything as though it happened yesterday. I remember what I was wearing, what I was doing, etc. I was in my World History class discussing the different stages of human evolution. I kept tugging at my shirt because I had gotten in trouble for dress code moments before. We opened our books to do the book work my teacher gave us on the changes of man from Homohabilis to Homosapean. All of a sudden my principal came onto the loud speaker saying that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers and for all teachers to turn on the televisions. We kind of watched in disbelief. The bell to go to second bell rang and we all sort of scurried to third period. I went into my English class and we just sat there watching. Then, another plane crashed into the other building. Shortly after, they just both clapsed. A girl who was on my dance team ran out of the class because her uncle had been in one of the buildings.

It’s sad because I haven’t met one person whom didn’t have some sort of connection to it. My mother knew two people on the planes from work. My dad knew two people as well. One he had gone to school with back in our small Louisiana hometown, and the other he was in the military with. It’s still kind of hard for me to believe that it happened. I don’t understand how some “people” (if you want to consider them that) can be so barbaric. I’ve seen the Daniel Pearl video, I’ve watched documentaries, etc. and it amazes me that a culture that is so in-depth with their religion want to murder innocent people because of their “beliefs.” That’s why I don’t touch religion and don’t like being preached to. Then I would be no different than these pathetic excuses for human life. Torture? Let them watch the explanation of Darwin’s Evolution Theory while strapping tiny explosive electrodes to their body parts and show them, slowly, that maybe there aren’t 14 virgins at heaven’s gate waiting for them. Straight up show them 14 small missing limbs. Egh – ANGER!!!

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