things i learned thanks to my referall logs

by tony pierce

the reverse cowgirl was at the la press club drinkfest and wanted to ask me why i felt shunned that the LA Times didnt interview any LA bloggers for their California Living section feature on blogging. she says that she was afraid that if we didnt get along i wouldnta asked her to have lattes with us later. somehow i thought 6’2″ supervixens, who wrote very sexy things for a variety of publications wouldnt be intimidated by lil ole me and my friendly come-hither ‘fro. i guess we were both wrong.

a peppy blog called “day old bread store,” linked to me about something i wrote a few days ago. appropo.

fat nathan loved the fact that i linked him in a primo part of my blog. he said it was like the feeling he got hitting his first homer in little league. skinny guys like me never had that feeling, but im glad he was happy. im pretty big with fat guy readers, im starting to see.

a los angeles gay guy agreed with me about the l.a. times sucking. he has a cat called Big Puss and Little Puss which reminds me of Karisa’s Bad Kitty and Good Kitty. Good Kitty, she tells me, is acting mighty gay, humping his brother and all. i told her, maybe he’ s just pussy-whipped. and i laughed and laughed. but she didnt laugh. ashley tells me my jokes suck. i caught her covering her ears the other night.

laughing boy straight outta massachusettes, predicts that i will be dating Apple spokesperson ellen feiss by thanksgiving. although it’s true that i do have an attraction to the pasty, stoney, blue eyed dreamy types, meesh and moxie can tell you that due to my terrible ego, i get very competitive to hot babes who not only have better websites than i, but who also have own fan sites! fall from grace a little, ellen and then maybe i’ll change my mind. with that said, i am quite popular among the massholes. gratefully.

this superhot 23 yr old from austin has me in her links section and i have no idea why.

these superhot goth twins from san antonio still hate me, but keep my writings in their archives, and i really cant understand why either of those things are true. maybe texans are loco. hopefully sara will conclude something along those lines after she has settled down a spell.

her nickname is fat sarah but you can tell by her photo essay that she doesnt live up to her name. but sarah says hi to me vurtually, over at the dub side. right back at you, spartan girl. told you i do well with fat folks.

xfoo thinks im amazing. what i think is amazing are those blue periods.

and finally i learned that im this guy’s number one referal. even when he’s not putting up pictures of hot babes next to his posts, he still whips my ass. and i love how he has a real-time referall log that seems to publish (also in real-time) right to his page. magic!

p.s. anyone who wants to pick me up at my house tonight after work and drive me across the street from zancau chicken to pick up my laundry should email me. cuz then i’ll be their best friend.

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