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Give ‘Em Enough Rope

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Stay Free


we met when we were in school

never took no shit from no one, we weren’t fools

the teacher says we’re dumb

we’re only having fun

we piss on everyone

in the classroom

when we got thrown out i left without much fuss

an’ weekends we’d go dancing

down streatham on the bus

you always made me laugh

got me in bad fights

play me pool all night

smokin’ menthol

i practised daily in my room

you were down the crown planning your next move

go on a nicking spree

hit the wrong guy

each of you get three

years in brixton

i did my very best to write

how was butlins?

were the screws too tight?

when you lot get out

were gonna hit the town

we’ll burn it fuckin’ down

to a cinder

cos years have passed and things have changed

and i move anyway i wanna go

i’ll never forget the feeling i got

when i heard that you’d got home

an’ i’ll never forget the smile on my face

‘cos i knew where you would be

an’ if you’re in the crown tonight

have a drink on me

but go easy…

step lightly…

stay free

my flesh had melted into my bone, i was on fire, and yet somehow i was shiverring.

i was greeted by a man in a Santa suit with a clipboard who extended his white gloved hand who said, “welcome to Hell.”

i shook his hand and a buzzer went off in my palm.

“i dont have time to give you the grande tour, my apologies, we have to get you suited up and we dont have much time.” he said.

i said a little prayer as we wound our way through the dark caves lit by torches and occasional flourescent tubes.

no need to pray down here, we can read your mind, and the prayers only go on your permanent record and used against you in nasty little ways, my guide esped to me and led me to a giant cave filled with Santa Claus suits.

quickly i can tell you the purpose of Hell, it’s not to punish you, it’s to torment the Creator. tomorrow is His birthday. it’s our assignment to water it down, to trivilize it, to ruin it, to distract people’s thoughts, to do everything we can to take the Holiness away from it and make it seem like a child’s birthday party.

but it is a child’s birthday party. it’s Je–

my mouth was zippered shut.

we dont say the J word down here.

my mouth was unzipped.

Xmas isnt just a child’s birthday, it’s a lot more than that, pastor, dont be coy. yes it’s Someone’s birthday, but we dont want it to be about Him we want it to be about every other child in the world Except Him. comprende?

i nodded.

Santa Claus is the greatest acheivement of Hell. we have successfully intergrated our fake-out on the entire planet. anywhere you go you are more likely to see a picture of the white jolly elf than the Creator of the Universe. even in Latin America where people name their children after the Messiah you will see Santa. Even in Bethlehem, even in church.

within minutes i was in the familiar jacket, boots, gloves, fake beard and cap. and i was loaded onto a bus and before i knew it i was back on Earth.


i couldnt speak the words that i wanted to.

i stood outside a shopping mall ringing a bell. people put money into my cauldron.

all i could say was ho ho ho.

because it wasnt Hell, i was capable of saying Merrrrrrry Christmas, but it was an ironic one. A celebration of theft. I thanked people for their money. It wasnt going to the poor or the sick or the needy. It was going to Hell. my new home.

after lunch i was collected, my money was counted and i was reassigned to the throne inside the mall where little kids sat on my lap and mothers cooed and fathers smiled for the first time in a long time.

pictures were taken and little kids told me what they wanted and i lied and told them that they would get everythign that they wanted.

were you a good little boy this year?

yes, Santa.

were you good to your mother and your father?

uh huh.

were you good to your brothers and your sisters?

i was good to my sister, but i dont gots any brothers.

did you clean up your room like a good boy?

i dont gots a room, santa claus. i sleep on the couch.

the little kid laughed like it was the silliest question ever.

i just wept.

but theres no crying in the Santa suit.

all that came out was ho ho ho.

interview with a pro journalist

don’t: look, it’s tony pierce.

tony: wow, i was just signing off

don’t: that would be dumb.

don’t: 🙂

tony: i have to write about Hell

don’t: tony doesn’t like me anymore.

tony: don’t doesnt like me any more

don’t: i don’t even get exciting e-mails anymore like i did for that day.

don’t: it was like a one night stand.

tony: you shouldnt feel bad

tony: its not you

tony: ive just had a few bad online relationships

tony: recently

tony: as in Very recently

don’t: what does that have to do with me.

don’t: nada.

don’t: listen.

don’t: i got my airplane tickets today for l.a. i’ll be flying into lax january 13th. i’ll be there for 4 days and then i fly to maui. we should sit down and do that interview, wouldn’t that be fun.

tony: all interviews i do are on aol

don’t: that’s weird.

tony: not really

tony: that way if someone tries to make me look dumber than i really am

tony: i have the interview that i can put on my site

don’t: i thought the perks would be more appealing.

don’t: hm, okay.

don’t: i offered.

tony: what sign did you say you were?

tony: taurus?

tony: the bull?

don’t: right.

don’t: yup.

tony: isnt the customer always right?

don’t: which one of us is the customer.

tony: mememememememememe

tony: whats the problem with letting me do it the way i want to?

don’t: okay, i didn’t know you had such a problem in social situations.

tony: im a master of social situations

tony: and im a good interview

tony: why dont you want me to feel comfortable?

tony: why do you want me to be misquoted?

don’t: you’re not comfortable meeting people in real life?

tony: misunderstood

tony: i dont think that people who know me through my writing

don’t: you could sit across from me and answer the questions on paper and we could pass it back and forth.

tony: will like me as much in person

don’t: what do you have to lose, i mean, you said i’m hot.

don’t: even just to get a peek at the cleavage.

don’t: or the ass even.

tony: i thought we were talking about an interview?

don’t: well, we’d be naked and everything.

tony: you will come here and get naked and interview me?

don’t: no, i couldn’t interview naked.

tony: why?

don’t: i would feel dirty.

tony: whats dirty about your body?

don’t: hah.

don’t: hey, i’m asking the questions.

tony: good luck with that ideal

tony: why do you want to get naked for me?

don’t: i don’t.

don’t: i want to sit across from you with a tape recorder.

tony: why is my voice more important than my words?

don’t: because i’ll be in l.a., that’s the only reason.

don’t: so, why not.

don’t: four days.

don’t: f o u r

don’t: 1 2 3 4

tony: where are you staying?

don’t: hotel, my sister is coming with me.

don’t: but.

don’t: laksjdf

don’t: woah.

tony: what sign is your sister?

don’t: taurus.

tony: twin?

don’t: nope.

tony: damn

don’t: do you know where the hyatt anaheim is.

tony: yes

don’t: nice?

tony: do you like disneyland?

don’t: no.

tony: thats all thats going on in anaheim

don’t: oh.

tony: do you like your pussy eaten?

don’t: are you going to answer me.

tony: i have never been to the hyatt anaheim

tony: im sure it’s fine

don’t: there’s supposed to be someone famous at the hyatt anaheim this week.

don’t: that’s not my question, dope.

don’t: we’re staying at the beverly hills hotel.

tony: tony robbins isnt that famous

tony: im #3 tony on google, he’s like #15

don’t: ugh.

don’t: sigh.

tony: i know

tony: im #4

don’t: how come you said you were in bad online relationships if you’ve never met anyone online.

tony: well, thats one of the problems

tony: she keeps teasing me

tony: telling me she will come see me

tony: then doesnt

don’t: than she’s bullshit.

tony: yep

don’t: detach your heart from the situation.

tony: i try

tony: i like her a lot though

don’t: how do you know she’s her.

tony: she had her brother make a little movie

tony: her on the phone talking to me

don’t: oh.

tony: crazy

don’t: hmm.

don’t: that’s not good.

tony: what isnt?

don’t: is it that pasty girl?

tony: all you girls are pasty

don’t: i’m not.

tony: show me more pics

don’t: k, hold.

don’t: i bet you deleted the other ones.

tony: not of you i didnt

don’t: you should.

tony: why?

don’t: shit, if they’re not going to end up on than fuck it.

tony: they dont fit

tony: keep trying

tony: right now im writing about Hell

tony: and about Santa

tony: if you have pics of either of those things

tony: starring you

tony: then you might have a chance

don’t: i would need to re-start my other computer, transfer them to disk and get them onto this computer, you’re not going to make me do all that, are you?

tony: ive read that its impossible to make a taurus woman do anything

don’t: not true.

tony: whats the key?

don’t: that’s the secret.

tony: if you want to get me more pictures

tony: i will promise to stay on line

tony: i really want to write right now

tony: so it might be perfect

don’t: so, in other words…

tony: go get your pics

tony: i’ll be here

don’t: but don’t talk.

tony: dont you want to find out about hell?

don’t: no.

tony: dont you like my writing?

don’t: i like your writing but i don’t think i like you very much.

don’t: that’s the conflict.

tony: because you cant control me?

don’t: hehe.

tony: i will tell you how to control me

tony: wear a short plaid skirt

tony: knee highs

tony: sexy shoes

tony: lipstick

tony: and know what you want

don’t: well, i’ve been telling you what i want for 17 minutes.

don’t: it’s not working.

don’t: so, you’re right, everything you do write is a lie.

don’t: 🙂

tony: i gave you the secret and you piss on it

don’t: and i just proved your theory wrong.

don’t: okay, here we go.

don’t: here’s one of me with short hair.

don’t: don’t laugh on the inside.

don’t: connect with me baby.

tony wants to directly connect.

don’t is now directly connected.


don’t: that was bad.

don’t: i should not have shown that.

don’t: that was sick and wrong.

tony: was that on your wedding day?

don’t: i wish.

don’t: oh!

don’t: here’s me being cute.


don’t: i love those shoes.

tony: kulats

don’t: see, i’m not pasty.

don’t: yup.

tony: cant tell

don’t: bullshit.

tony: more

don’t: wanna see my boat?

don’t: no, nevermind.

tony: everytime you say nevermind

don’t: you want to hurt me bad.

don’t: real bad.

tony: no, a baby seal gets clubbed

don’t: i think out loud, that’s all.

don’t: shut the fuck up.

tony: its true

don’t: shhhh

tony: i have brilliance to deliver

don’t: i don’t show anyone my boat, feel special.

tony: i feel very special

tony: sorta

don’t: right.

tony: you have 4 more minutes

don’t: to what.

tony: till i have to write

don’t: i’m timed.

tony: 3

don’t: don’t doesn’t get timed.

tony: don’t wants to be the man so badly

don’t: so, which day should i book for personal tony time. the 13th, the 14th, the 15th or the 16th.

don’t: i can tell you where to meet me, you can show up freely.

don’t: if you don’t, i’ll know you’re a pussy.

don’t: and don’t time people, it’s dumb.

tony: my schedule isnt in front of me

tony: im a pussy about certain things, but not about meeting girls

don’t: i’m sure all four are open.

tony: everything i do is dumb

tony: dont be so sure

tony: 1

don’t: please stop.

tony: a good picture buys you 4 more minutes

don’t: i’m not a trick.

tony: dont project

tony: its called a compromise

don’t: a compromise.

don’t: i guess i just look at things differently.

don’t: hmm.

tony: -1

don’t: stop.

tony: maybe youve had all day to write

tony: i didnt

don’t: i haven’t.

tony: i had to make out with a beautiful twnty year old

tony: i had to feel her up

don’t: that’s just what i was thinking to myself about.

tony: i had to buy her mexican food

don’t: i should be working but i’m talking.

don’t: why?

tony: then i had to go to another girls house

don’t: because i want to.

tony: and feed her cats

tony: but the cats werent anywhere to be found

tony: -2

tony: then i had to drive on the hollywood freeway to go home

tony: and the phone rings a lot here

don’t: i still need to get myself off in shower before bed so don’t think you’re the only one with a full schedule, tony pierce.

tony: i dont beat off on sunday

don’t: are you going to answer me.

tony: so i have a double load here

don’t: or should i just give up for good.

tony: that sits and waits untill im done writing

tony: -3

tony: whats the question?

don’t: you know the question.

tony: 9 inches

don’t: seriously now.

don’t: should i just stop.

tony: probably

tony: i like girls who do as i say

tony: and give me pics

tony: and say sweet things to me

tony: incredibly easy

don’t: that’s a downer.

tony: -5

tony: whats so down about it?

don’t: because i figured you would want to meet me.

don’t: nice talking to you though, i really appreciate your time.

don’t: i guess i always miss out on the good ones.

tony: poor you

tony: -7

don’t: maybe you’ll change your mind.

tony: about what?

don’t: maybe it’ll happen in the next 2 minutes.

don’t: about being dumb towards me.

tony: -9

don’t: really, just no desire at all?

tony: to meet someone i dont know?

don’t: yes, i guess.

tony: i dont even go see the people i love the most!

tony: i live 2 miles from 15 friends

tony: i dont see them

tony: i have Blooks for them

tony: perfect excuses to see them

tony: its Christmas

tony: i dont see them

don’t: they’re not me.

tony: so dont take it personally

tony: fine, what makes you so special?

tony: do tell.

tony: writer girl

don’t: you can’t go wrong.

tony: in what way?

don’t: i’m well-rounded.

don’t: heh.

tony: you have a fat ass?

don’t: you’re just scared you might like it.

tony: i prefer fat asses

tony: oh yeah thats what else i did today

tony: gave a blook to a girl with a perfect ass

tony: at her home

tony: she looked incredible

don’t: did you touch it.

tony: she was sick

tony: i stayed on the porch

tony: hadnt seen her in 5 months

tony: maybe more

tony: stuck my arm all the way out

don’t: i’d love to hear more but i want to talk about me.

tony: gave it to her

tony: ran off

tony: she Was a virgin

tony: 25 yrs old

tony: professional

tony: D cups

don’t: ooo, d cups.

tony: perfect ass

tony: thick lips

tony: smart

don’t: sounds nice, wish i coulda gotten a piece of the coochie.

don’t: can we talk about me.

tony: ive ignored her for half a year

don’t: you’ve ignored me for 7 minutes.

tony: so, the question is,

tony: with that all said

tony: why should i meet you?

don’t: because you were looking for a don’t to fill that void.

tony: i told you what i liked

tony: you are saying thats not you

don’t: why do you have to be difficult.

don’t: why do questions have to be involved.

tony: im being easy as pie

don’t: why not me.

don’t: it’s stupid.

don’t: why the fuck not.

tony: cuz you dont want what i want

don’t: eh?

tony: i am old enough to know what i need

tony: and what i want

don’t: what do i want that you don’t want.

don’t: do tell.

tony: you want to be the man

tony: you want control

tony: you want things your way

tony: – 18

don’t: no, that’s just the way things happen.

don’t: that’s stupid.

tony: send me a picture

don’t: in the mail?

tony: now

don’t: testing me, i like it.

don’t: i’m not 19, i’m 23 remember.

tony: ok, im gonna go write now

don’t: i bore you.

tony: you dont listen

tony: say goodnight, don’t.

don’t: or took 2 minutes to write an e-mail.

don’t: you’re a dick.

tony: guilty

tony: if telling you i have waited all night to write

tony: and then spending a half hour with your pouty ass is being a dick

tony: then im guilty as hell

don’t: eh, i don’t give a shit.

don’t: i’m a better writer anyway.

tony: no shit

tony: you are

tony: i agree

tony: you make money off your shit

tony: all i get are girls who want to fuck me

don’t: my interview could have been called “pussy”

tony: too bad you dont have the guts

tony: ironic

don’t: the ones who talk about it are the ones who don’t get it.

don’t: the guts to what.

tony: to call it pussy

don’t: you’re not worth it.

tony: i offered to fly to LA to fuck him, he said he’d think about it, this is a story about a pussy

don’t: you could have been.

don’t: did i?

tony: -24

don’t: wow, i must have been slipped some roofies when i said that.

don’t: karma’s a bitch.

tony: <--- Christian tony: <--- couldnt give a shit about "karma" don’t: that’s why you don’t make money off your shit because you talk to people like they’re 4.

don’t: god, if i were 5 years old, i’d prank you.

tony: i dont make money off my shit because publishers wouldnt know where to put my shit

tony: prank away

tony: im going to write

tony: adios

don’t: right next to the autobiography of

don’t: i’m not done yelling at you.

tony: i’ll give you three more minutes

tony: im going to change your name

tony: and put this on the blog

don’t: no.

tony: gimme a good picture

tony: i truly dont appreciate people who dont appreciate my time

don’t: why would you put something on to distort our conversation and make me look like an ass.

don’t: i appreciate your time when it’s spent doodling with me.

don’t: see that!

tony: so youre admitting that youve been an ass to me for the last half hour?

don’t: because i’m offended.

don’t: i’m not an ass.

don’t: i never said that.

tony: unlike your interview of me, im not going to change your words

tony: so if you havent acted like an ass

tony: theres no way i could make you “look” like one

don’t: why would you put an aol conversation up.

don’t: like you’re not going to write a little snotty paragraph to go with it.

tony: im not drudge

tony: i dont need any snotty intro

don’t: do you have a deep voice.

tony: -30

don’t: answer me.

tony: deeper than youd think

don’t: i doubt that.

tony: say goodnight to the nice people now

don’t: no.

don’t: i’m not finished.

don’t: and neither are you.

tony: what do you want your fake name to be?

don’t: don’t.

tony: perfect

don’t: don’t.

don’t: seriously.

don’t: sigh.

don’t: please.

don’t: give me your phone number.

tony: why?

tony: you have it

don’t: not anymore.

tony: what happened to it

don’t: i wrote it at work.

tony: i asked you nicely to let me work

tony: i told you my circumstance

tony: you saw i havent been able to write all day

tony: 1 entry????

tony: so not cool/

tony: instead of saying, cool man, hit me up when youre done

don’t: sigh.

tony: you were all

tony: me me me me me me me me me me

don’t: i was born in may.

don’t: just right now.

tony: i know lots of people born in may

don’t: it’s not me mem em ememe always.

tony: angels

don’t: i’m a baby.

don’t: i’m the youngest.

tony: hey

tony: your time is up

tony: -36

don’t: do you realize that when you sign off on me, this is our last conversation.

tony: do you realize that i

tony: dont care

tony: or

tony: believe you?

don’t: oh.

tony: if anyone ever doubted that i am in Hell

tony: now they know the truth.

don’t: that was shitty to say to someone before christmas.

don’t: i’m sorry i made you feel like that.

don’t: i thought it was funny.

tony: if you dont let me write, i will print all of this

don’t: why don’t you just block me.

tony: why dont you just do what the person says will make them happy?

don’t: because if you don’t give a shit, just block me.

tony: because if i had blocked you, i would have never had this post

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