i will not make fun of the polish army.

i will not make fun of the polish army. i will not make fun of the polish army.

hi. my name is tony.

sorry if everything has been dark and unpretty and loud and gross and something found inside hieronymus bosch’s junk drawer, but it has been my practice to excorcise any demons that might be haunting ones soul and the best way to do that is to shine a light on them real bright and name them and identify them and watch them shrink up and blow away like dust.

at least thats the story i tell myself.

pssst. i just got a call from the isla vista university press. the books are done. this might be a good time for those of you who havent bought one to buy one. after family and friends are taken care of there will probably only be 15 left so if you order one today or tomorrow i can guarantee that you will be getting them before Christmas.

click the picture of anna on the left.

ok, todays public service brought to you by the polish army.

friends. i love you so much. i hope you know that. and sometimes i look at who has linked me and i will go to your site and sometimes i will see who youre linking. and sometimes i will go to their site and i will suddenly find myself very intersted in the person writing and designing and taking pics of themselves, etc. and i want to find out more about that person but they dont have any info of themselves on their page and im inpatient cause im so damn old, but if they have a url that has their name or something that they registered, i will go to Register.com and i will type in their URL and i will click where it says “Taken” and that will give me all sorts of information.

more information than you probably want lurkers on the web to know. things like your home address and your phone number… and your zip code!

so heres how to get that stuff removed, go to Verisign, who bought network solutions, who probably owns your url. when you sign up with them they own the url, not you. quit signing up with them.

tell them to remove your personal info from the Whois. they may ask you for a different address. give them anything. the only time people use those addresses are when strangers want to buy your URL (which happens never) or when Verisign wants to tell you that your url is about to expire.

mark on your calander when its about to expire. put in a fake address. spammers and stalkers are the only ones who will properly use your info. get rid of it.

the address that i use? just some little apartment behind a sushi place that jeanine once lived near.

os, my “technical contact,” is using the 7-11 where he used to grow up in kentucky.

okay thats tony’s tip for the day.



meesh is back, and she has pictures

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