michael jackson!

oh lord, tony pierce. please dont make fun of me.

what would i make fun of you about?

see, youre doing it already.

doing what? michael, i love you.

no you don’t.

of course i do. i have said over and over that my first concert ever was the jackson 5 and im proud about that. and very happy.

where did you see us?

in indiana.


yep. i think at the circle star theatre.

okay then. what do you want?

nothing. im just here to say hi.

no youre not.

shit, michael, put a little trust in your heart.

i want to trust you, tony, really. it’s just hard, you understand. dont you?

michael, look at me. we’re both pretty much the same. Blacks from the midwest, now living in cali. child stars.

you were a child star?



in my living room. no one could beat me at electronic football.


you know the one?

of course! all those tour busses and lonely hotel rooms and plane trips.

you never got it on with the groupies?

nah. my brothers did, i was too young.

oh, michael. you poor kid.



youre really not going to make fun of me.


thats freaky as hell.

why should it? like i was saying, once i was super black, now im not .

skin disease?

too many white girls rubbing all up on me.

tony, have you seen sarah’s new design?

yes, i’d rather not comment.

it’s not good.

shhhhh. she gets sensitive about that sort of stuff.

but it used to be SOOO good. so classy. so, well, Great.

michael, dont talk about how things used to be.


you’ve stopped looking at the man in the mirror, havent you?

you know whose blog i love?

oh shit.

i love Barbie’s blog.

thats just wrong. where did you find it?

andrew sullivan.

can i make fun of him?

no, he’s my friend.

then i better go.

okay cya tony.

cya mike.


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