so what do you want to do?

well what are we supposed to do?

well the bus doesnt come for another few hours, what would you like to do on you last day on Earth?

wow, kurt cobain, thats a tough question.

nothing bad can happen to your body, because you’re already dead you cant be judged for anything you do, and anything that you do will be wonderful.

okay i think i know what i’d like to do.

wanna go see your mom for the last time?

nah. i’ll see her later, im sure.

wanna see wrigley field for the last time?

nah, i bet they have one up in heaven.

oh i know, you probably want to go up to Isla Vista, huh?

nope. i want to do heroin with you, kurt, at the Playboy mansion and have a bunch of unprotected sex.

whoa nelly. none of the girls will be able to see you. you’re invisible, they wouldnt notice you even if you jumped up and down and yelled. and they wont be able to feel you either.

ah, im used to all that.

alright then, lets go.

they got good H up in H?

sure, but nobody does it.

why not?

people get high off life up there.

interesting concept. but arent they really getting high off death?

no, it’s eternal life. eternal death is the other place.


no, earth.

everything dies, baby thats a fact.

and maybe everything that dies some day comes back.

put your make up on

fix your hair up pretty

and meet me tonight

in paradise city.

3rd Leg

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