there goes mc brown

kicking ass again.

can this be? can i really have nothing of any substance to write about? my fifteen minute break has just started and i look at you, blog, and i think to myself, i got nothing.

chatted with sarah last night and she asked me what my favorite color was and i said pink but i was being dirty. sweet girl didnt even fall for it.

train was fine, bus was fine. two mexican lovers held hands all the way down wilshire. the girl was gorgeous and looked up at her truest and she had beautiful hair, dyed red in parts, nice lips, nice teeth, long lashes. her man had closed shaved hair. not even an eighth of an inch of hair. he stood up in the bus as she sat. it was crowded.

white guy trying to be black got on the bus. earings in each ear. baggy pants baggy jacket and a mets cap on sideways. he tries to pay the man but theres a fat lady right there who wont move into the bus.

how am i supposed to get passed you? he says. she huffs and steps aside.

crazy thing is in twenty seconds theres gonna be another bus and twenty seconds later yet another. still people pack in because, well, if they were bright, they probably wouldnt be riding the fucking bus.

myself included.

someone tapped my shoulder as i held on while we flew down the miracle mile. i turned around. it was an angel.

she looked at me and i suddenly felt filed with guilt.

her eyes said everything she judged me she had pity on me but not as much as disgust.

havent you gotten everything?

dont you get enough attention?

i had to look down but still i could hear her.

arent you getting enough tail?

isnt it young enough?

fresh enough?

dont you get enough channels on tv?

dont you get enough free porn and music from the internet?

the bus slowed down and stopped but it wasnt my stop.

i had no answers for her.

she was so right, so right.

the guy with the mets cap squeezed his way back through the packed bus towards the front to exit thru the front door and i watched to see if he would say anything to the fat woman.

when i turned back around to get judged more the angel was gone.

just like that.

No Left Turn Unstoned

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