tony pierce?


tony, mariah and i are concerned about you.

save your concern.

seriously, you seem very angry lately. would you like to talk about it?

i wouldnt know what to say. im not angry right now, if that makes you feel better.

that makes me pleased. yes, but tony, please start thinking about your future. you want to be successful right?

i’d rather be good.

you can be both. dont you know that?

which one of you two are both?

see, theres that anger again. why the rap lyrics?

cuz theyre good.

dont you know that you are shooting yourself in the foot with those? there are people out there who really like your writing who just will not link to your page if they know that theyre going to send their readers to a hateful, foul-mouthed, ghetto site with poor spelling and bad grammar and topics that do not befit a family audience.

oh well.

dont you want your friend the instapundit to link to you?

instapundit linked to an article defining sodomy yesterday, are you saying the geto boys is worse than sodomy?

the geto boys is worse than everything. im guessing that thats exactly why you put them on your page.

i put them on there because that song is fabulous. ive listened to it nearly every day since it first came out. pat whalen, jeff’s brother, got it at the nexus way back when and one night we stayed up all night listening to it laughing and being blown away. and yes its worse than everything, but its also better too. do your homework. and it is successful. i just saw scarface on mtv cribs last weekend.

ok, well, tony, youre not going to get on cribs putting the geto boys on your page.

life is full of tiny little suprises, hundred millionaire fat black woman. i bet that you never thought that just from being the host of a talk show you could earn so much money either.

thats true, so you should learn from my example.

but i am. you did it by keeping true to who you are. you throw in some ebonics when you want to, i bust with the gangsta rap. it keeps us real.

no, it keeps you down.

i talk to myself on a blog on the web. there is no further depth that i could sink, oprah.

yes there is, you could have no hits a day.

van gogh didnt worry about his hits, i wont either.

dont you want this, tony?

want what? a fake talk show devoid of any soul. fake spirituality? Dr. Phil, a rip off Advanced Course trainer gone wild? soft lighting, a penthouse on lsd – lake shore drive, a lover who wont marry me, hangups about my body, zillions of dollars and very little to show from it? i’d rather pump gas and have women let me look up their skirt when im cleaning their windows, thanks.

dont you want to meet people like mariah?


shes not going to want to meet you if youre just a dumb blogger.

i guess im stuck with the teens and the college girls then. oh well.

fine, tony. live in your little fantasy world, make no money, keep yourself confined in the second-teir of amateur authorship. you have a talent that youre just pissing away, day after day. the lord will look at you and judge you on the final day and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

wrong, oprah, the lord is going to look at me and say, theres a guy who wrote what was true for him and didnt get distracted by flesh, money, power, fame. his treasure was in the kingdom of heaven, not in a bank on michigan avenue. we get judged by our hearts, thankfully. and mine might not be completely pure, but it hasnt sold out fifty times over.

youre so dilluded.

hip hop is american music from our people, oprah. it’s as popular as “the sopranos” and makes more money than all “the godfathers” put together. not only would i be a gigantic sell out not to bring light to this music, but i would be a big fat liar because i love it and it kicks my ass. instapundit will link me when he sees something that fits with what he’s talking about. hes not afraid of what his readers will think, he’s got so many readers and sends people in so many directions and they keep coming back. they come back not because they love where they go, but because they trust him.


so my readers trust me because they know that i might bs with this fact or that fact but when it comes to music, they know theres no fucking around with what i put up there. im going to eat a ding dong now, oprah. give mariah a kiss for me.

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