Tsar (pictured) will combat the hype that is Eve 6 tonight!

Who is Eve 6?

This is Eve 6:

Rocker’s Reputed Naked Romp

Thu May 29, 6:40 PM ET

By Joal Ryan


A rock star’s life on the road is one big to-do list: Bring guitar, leave girlfriend at home, wear pants.

Wear pants.

Can Max Collins be expected to remember everything?

Pittsburgh-area police apparently think so.

Officers there arrested the lead singer of Los Angeles-based rock outfit Eve 6 early Tuesday after receiving a complaint from a local hotel of “a male…in the lobby without his pants on,” Lt. Michael Hoover of the Moon Township, Pennsylvania, Police Department said.

The hotel was the Crowne Plaza in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, located just outside the Pittsburgh International Airport. The pantsless male was Max Collins, at least according to “a number of witnesses.”

“Was I naked? Or does everyone else just have clothes on?,” Collins asked, tongue presumably in cheek, in a statement released Thursday.

To be sure, it was clothed people who ratted out the rocker. They told police Collins was parading around the lobby, sans pants, and riding the elevator, sans pants.

Even cops concede, however, that rocker was not entirely naked.

“He did have shaving cream on his genitalia,” Hoover said Thursday.

Still, there is a reason why humans wear Dockers, and not thick, foamy lathers, in polite company.

Despite Collins alleged efforts to cover up with shaving cream, it was “clearly evident,” as Hoover put it, that beneath the Barbasol lay the frontman’s instrument.

It was not known if Barbasol was Collins’ brand of choice. We just hope to God it wasn’t one of those clear gel formulas.

Whatever his favorite label, Collins apparently didn’t pack enough. According to reports, shortly before police were called, Collins appeared at the front desk (sans pants–natch) and asked if he could trouble the hotel for some shaving cream (double natch). An employee then escorted the unclad rocker back to the elevator, and implored the young man to clad himself. Collins allegedly didn’t heed the advice, with the near-naked lobby parading and elevator riding commencing.

By the time police arrived on scene, the show was over. Collins was found in his room, still sans pants, Hoover said.

Police did ask Collins exactly why he was sans pants, but “he had no reason for his behavior,” Hoover said.

Was it maybe, well, hot in Pittsburgh that night?

“No,” Hoover said.

(Just trying to be helpful.)

On Thursday, Collins blamed boredom.

He and bandmates were in Pittsburgh for X-Fest, an alternative rock bash held Memorial Day at Post-Gazette Pavilion. Eve 6 played during the day, with Collins’ arrest occurring after midnight, several hours later.

“We were bored and in the middle of nowhere,” Collins said in the statement. “This is what happens when you play an afternoon show and are stuck in a hotel in Moon Township, PA.”

Collins was booked on suspicion of indecent exposure, Hoover said. MTV.com reported Collins’ brief stint behind bars ended Tuesday when he posted bail at the Allegheny County Jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

RCA Records spokeswoman Maggie Wang said it wasn’t believed Collins’ close shave in Pittsburgh would sabotage Eve 6’s summer plans, which include a club tour starting in mid-June, and the release of the band’s third album, It’s All in Your Head, due out July 22.

“We view it as a minor incident,” Wang said of the arrest.

Eve 6, which charted in 2000 with the hit “Here’s to the Night,” is scheduled to shoot a music video next month in Los Angeles. The band’s first single from the new album: “Think Twice.”

Always good advice when about to parade around in a hotel lobby, sans pants.

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hot chick was on me last night

i was drunk, i didn’t know how she got there. if there was a web cam in my house maybe you people could see that lots of times things just happen to me. i have very little control over the circumstances.

life is fuzzy. things fade in and out. my legitimate kids will never have to worry about tv reception, but it’s like that sometimes. flashes like a strobe light.

bowling. riding. drinking. smoking. church members. bicycles. back door. phone ringing. groceries still on the floor. knock at the door. phone ringing. ice cream. soda. phone still ringing. pee. door bell rings. take off shirt. take off shorts. take off shoes. oops. cell phone rings. turn on computer.

people know i don’t open my door at night still they try to trick me with fancy knocks. heres the secret knock to get me to open the door: don’t knock. don’t ring the bell either. don’t call the phone, don’t call the cell phone. get me on instant messenger or write an email.

better yet, write about me on your blog.

blonde girl wrote about me on her secret blog. then she instant messaged my ass. phone rang. unplugged the phone.

she said she wanted me to call her and talk dirty. i said i just unplugged the phone.

she said she wanted to come over just to sleep.

i said we’re not just going to sleep.

then she said things that are the right things to say to a drunken man who had just bowled a 95 and was served three shots of 151. she said i was beautiful. she said that no one touched her like i did. i asked, with my hands? she said with your hands with your mouth with your words with your thoughts.

i told her all i had were dirty thoughts and she said sexy isnt dirty then she said that i taught her that. then i said i was going to bed. then she said she was coming over to leave the gate open.

went to bed. let the gate open. fell asleep. woke up. is someone trying to kill me. kill me then. fell back asleep. who’s saying my name. who’s whispering my name. who’s playing with my chest hair. who’s telling me i have gray chest hairs. three of them. four of them.

who’s telling me they don’t care if i don’t wake up. that they know how to wake up.

who’s awake.

izzy + midnight magicka + screaming into the wind