dear flagrant disregard

i know the little game youre playing. it’s cool. i know you said you were too shy to go to the tsar show the other night. but i saw you in the back.

rocking. drinking. stalking.


oh yes, that was you. hot chick with the chucks bobbing your head to “you and jim” headbanging at the bar to the new tunes.

i write you, you dont write me back, i talk about you, you dont talk about me back, i lurve you, you are repulsed by me, not the only thing that we have in common by the way.

i know you like the rock music, model girl. i know you would rather listen to something other than the pretty boy depeche and moz dones.

i know you want to have your mind blown by the dual guitar attack, the cowbell, and a long haired solomon on axe.

word on the street is this saturday, at spaceland, tsar, will play, pretty much just for you, cuz you were in the back. follow the light. follow the hype.

this is what the cool kids are going to do. everyones going to the archlight to see the matrix. then theyre going to go to my house for beer bongs.

then to spaceland to get their socks rocked.

then to your house in encino for the after party.

then we’ll wake and bake and gorge at ihop cuz i know its your favorite.


your number three fan

p.s. if you want to, you can email me at and tell me that you secretly lust me, that you’re just way too shy to say so.


p.p.s. i like your new blog.

p.p.p.s. i want to travel with you one day

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