dear vincenct gallo,

im sorry to hear that you want to quit making movies.

i heard the french said that your new movie was the worst one at cannes.

let me make you a tshirt that says fuck cannes.

what the fuck did cannes ever do for anyone anyway? bunch of stuck up foreigners trying to be all classy when they aint so damn classy, and what do they know about art?

buffalo ’66 is one of my all time favorite movies. top 25 definately.

you, fucker, you.

i saw buffalo ’66 on a sunny day in west la in the summertime after seeing a bunch of hollywood blockbusters that had all the money talent hype teamwork and hotchicks and still they werent shit.

you had christina ricci at her plumpest looking better than ever. angelica houstons best role ever. ever.

fuck cannes and their toplessness and their booing.

why arent they booing ben affleck like every ten minutes?

you know what cannes likes? woody allen’s worst movies.

in a hundred years you’ll be making bad 90s woody allen movies maybe, if you dont retire cuz of a bunch of snail eating boychasers, but now is the time to get back at them, not quit.

rename that shit “worst film at cannes” and everyone will go. and they’ll buy that tshirt im making you.

let em boo. motherfuckers. boo boo boo.

everyone who’s ever done anything has gotten booed, why not you rich boy.

remember when prince opened for the stones at the la collesium and got booed. did he quit or did he slide on a pair of high heeled boots and make a little movie called purple rain?

the devil wants you to quit.

people who call soccer football.

remember Gummo, top 25 too. remember julian donkeyboy? bottom 25. so what. who cares. you dont think harmony has another Gummo in him? odds say he doesnt but odds said he didnt have a Gummo in him either, so fuck the odds, fuck cannes fuck the haters and fuck you if you quit, quitter.

give me a fucking purple rain, whiney weinstein.

this is a world filled with bullshit that gets rewarded left and right: justin timberlake, bob costas, george bush, david schwimmer, ticketmaster, drug czars, jay leno, kroq, rick dees, the catholic church, nike, the fcc, the mpaa, tobacco execs, alan greenspan, osama bin laden, and chip carey.

roman polanski fucked a 14 yr old girl in the ass. in the ass, bro, and what does he get, he gets to live in france and win the academy award because time passed and he pandered and made a holocaust flick. wtf is that?

wake me when roman makes a film about fucking kids in the ass and getting away with it, cuz anyone can make a holocaust movie.

keep making movies.

guys named vincent never did well in france anyhow, so fuck em.

your pal,


dc ’66

enjoy the codeine + zada + fat nathan

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