got home last night

and my broken computer was on my doorstep, covered by my welcome mat, which wasnt necessary, im xbi, nobody is going to steal my stuff.

without consequence.

my bro jeff from rock group tsar totally fixed my shit and for that i love him. thank you jeff. my computer repair hero.

i should go into business with that man.

also on my doorstep was a mysterious box from a man im not sure ive ever met.

a fellow from Up North sent me two bottles of my new favorite booze: Absinthe.

no way could it be real Ansinthe, since its a mythical elixer, but the bottle sure was pretty and its possibilities persuaded a young woman to come over tonight and have an absinthe blind date with me.

peak upon peak jimmy johnson preached while he was coaching the cowboys.

plus i need to drown my sorrows. sux not to four-peat.

so last night i was able to mess around on my computer and chat with people of all sorts. some of whom i dont know why i chat with any more. it just brings pain and distress and sorrow and evil thoughts.

my mind has been bombarded with evil thoughts lately. maybe it was part of the eclipse. hopefully they will leave my head soon.

i just want to be good. thats all. just good.

so yeah, tonight also my good friend Greg will be coming over to the beach house. i havent seen greg in a while. he’s my bro. we’ll get to catch up a little. maybe he’ll bring his guitar over and play some songs for me. he’s my favorite guitarist you know.

and he writes some of the most wonderful songs.

im so very tired today.

hopefully theres nothing i have to do this morning and the crew will just let me take a little nappy-poo in the hangar.

dancing + joh3n + lago

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