hi canada

whats going on?

just watching the lakers lose and thinking of you.

are the girls in canada beautiful as the internet would have us believe?

is it true that youre about to legalize marijuana just for me?

i dont really smoke marijuana, but thank you, youre sweet.

canada, is it true you dont have the nfl?

is it true that its warmer up there than everyone thinks. that everyone wears fur coats and noone stinks.

is it true that lots of the hot chicks speak french and that kurdt kobain used to go up there to chill out.

its not as warm in la as the brochure makes it look.

and weed isnt legal, its sixty an eighth which makes me happy that i dont smoke it.

and we dont have the nfl either.

canada, is it true that you have socialized medicine, clean air, and its ok to have a pirated directv dish so you can get every channel on earth?

i think im falling in love with you.

c’est d’accord?

i know magazines cost more and cigarrettes do too, but i dont smoke cigarrettes either.

smokes should cost more. they’ll kill ya.

weed just makes you laugh.

and eat.

everything in the house.

and drink so much diet pepsi its wrong.

canada is it true that you want to make a new las vegas up there?

its not true?

hmmm, well, do you wanna?

canada, do you think one of your newspapers might hire me?

i’ll do anything.

i <3 canada + david murray is an idiot + canada, can i bring kristin?

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