i had such a terrific weekend

i dont even know where to begin. yes tsar played, yes i met a dancer at my local bar, yes i got to hang out with my old pal aj and her lovely co-conspiriter, yes i got to see a ton of my friends, yes i got to take lots of blurry pictures all weekend.

yes, im the luckiest man in north america.

if only you knew, naysayers of the cyberworld.

tonight i have plans to do laundry with ms karisa the besta and we will do nothing but illegal things, anonymous comment leavers, and each time we do, we will raise a toast to you.

got an email that the xbi will be closed on friday and closed on monday to celebrate memorial day, a day that means a little more to us than it does to many other companies since so many of our employees are either former military or come from military families. because of that we have all agreed to let each other spend this weekend with family and loved ones.

plus its a four day weekend.

my good pals natasha and fidel offered me astros / cubs tickets at minute maid park, excellent seats they say. maybe the best seats in the house, but unfortunately i have to pass. i have no frequent flier miles to Hobby. but thanks, kids.

i have the greatest friends. have i told you?

whats really nice to hear is when other people think so too.

whats also nice is when hot chicks daydream about me.

whats also nice is when the big man links me.

whats also nice is when the cubs are still in first place.

treacher wants to know why i used to link him on the left hand side, but i dont anymore. the answer is because im a lame-ass and i need an intern to maintain my links. send your qualifications to lewinski@tonypierce.com


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