i like Black Webmaster but they used to ask so many better questions back in the day.

sometimes theyd get three or four people on the line and just rattle off questions non stop that would end up into this sort of territory and subsequent response:

q. how big is your dick

a. ask your momma

q. zeppelin one or two

a. which one has your time is gonna come

q. one

a. then one.

q. pc or mac

a. i dont need to have my pc be cute.

q. how do you ask girls out

a. usually by email.

q. what do you say?

a. i say lets have a date.

q. its just that easy?

a. sometimes its easier, some times all i have to say is lets

q. why arent you rich

a. why arent you tall

q. who will be the first black president

a. tiger woods, as a republican, then me.

q. as a democrat?

a. i was thinking it would be nice to bring back the whigs.

q. damn

a. old school, bitch.

q. what makes you think you’d get the nomination?

see, they asked good questions.

my favorite neighborhood movie house only takes cash.

i want to ask them why. but i think i know why.

my next question would be, why dont you put in an atm across the street so you wouldnt look like youre gauging.

gorilla mask + dysfunktional + crispy duck

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