its raining here in southern california. its midnight. its friday.

its wonderful.

rode the bus in the rain after work to karisas favorite bar, not because karisa was going to be there, but because it was a block away from where this hot chick works.

she and i spent a lot of time together about a year ago, and then things ended with a slam of my back door.

just like all the women in my life this one was smart pretty funny incredible and successful.

xxx body xxx eyes. she resisted me, then fell for it, then we fought, then it ended.

the other day she told me that she had started reading my blog again, so after a few emails i asked her if she was still with her dude, and she said as a matter of fact she wasn’t, so i asked her if we could share a little drink together, she said she would like that.

all of this surprised me because my memory of her was that she didn’t like me, my lifestyle, the way i kissed, the way i was intimate, my hollywood mansion, my malibu beach house, my flying car, my taste in music, or, shall we say, my shoe size.

nothing in here is true.

still i was excited riding the bus to The Rendevous on las palmas, so much so that i cell phoned her ass to tell her i would be nine minutes late.

arrived, she was waiting, we embraced. she sat on one end of the booth, i wanted to sit on the other end but the springs on that end were so worn in the cozy dive bar that i was forced to sit closer to the young lady.

after a few rounds she began telling me that she had changed completely since we last met.

she told me that i was the reason that she had broken out of her shell, why she had finally allowed herself to live her own life, that i had inspired her to truly be herself and do the things that she wanted.

it was a really great story.

then she told me that she started a blog and began writing the day after we stopped hanging out, and that now that it has been updated regularly for a while you can see how she has grown.

all the flattery she dished my way while weaving this tale was making me grow.

i waited for her to tell me something bad, but she never did. infact she said that she loved coming to my homes. she loved being with me. she would come home buzzing and her friends would accuse her of being on drugs.

i was so happy and relieved to hear these things i couldn’t stop smiling.

she told me some really personal things that i wish i could reveal here, but, lets just say those things made me smile that much more.

then she told me that i always write how i cant believe why all these great things happen to me, and she said that i should stop being surprised, that the key to my success is that i don’t judge people, and girls feel liberated by that, and therefore let their hair down.

she said im girls gone wild in slippers.

and even though i hadn’t planned on doing it, i leaned in to kiss her

like old times

like we did last summer

but this girl wasn’t about going backwards anymore, and smilingly turned her head away giving me full access to the jugular

which i kissed


like id never been there before.

sahalie + sharkbitten + instant gator

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