lets talk about people who leave anonymous negative comments on blogs

for a minute or two, since thats all the time they’re worth.

what fucking rock do these people crawl out from under?

it’s a comment box on a blog, folks. if you have something negative to say, why is it that you’re too fearful to leave your real name and a homepage and/or email address?

are you afraid i will track you down and email you a virus? are you afraid that im going to track you down and email you and call you a fucking dipshit?

im calling you a dipshit now! and not even for your opinions, but for your cowardace.

i barely write back the penthouse models who write me weekly and tell me that im the fucking shit. what an ego you must have to think i’d waste my time arguing with you about a comment that you left on my stupid blog.

its a blog!

the reason that i sign my name and homepage and email address on the comments that i leave on other people’s blogs and websites is because im not ashamed of my beliefs. i am strong enough to back my words with my name. i am courageous enough to have some imbecile email me back, if he so chooses, if he disagrees with my objection.

and if bro wants to start a little flame war with me, guess what, i’ll just hit delete. i got no time for flame wars. im no longer in junior high. this aint no bulletin board.

plus the email addresses i usually use go to my spam account heytony@hotmail.com

fill that box up as much as you want, dungeon masters.

the comments section of this blog, for all of you who dont know, is set up primarilly for people to tell me how fucking killer i am.

52. Michael C.

if you choose to disagree with me on my dumbass opinion, have the nads to leave your name and/or webpage and/or email address. i promise you i wont email you back. but if you have a website, i might look at it to see whatever opinions you have.

you can disagree with me about the commander and thief, that doesnt mean that everything you stand for isnt complete bullshit. you, for example, might have excellent taste in punk rock music. you might have design elements on your site that make me keep on coming back for more.

the least you can do is have the decency of the least of all of us for even drudge, as much of a republican houseboy as he is, dirty kneepads and all, has the decency to put his name behind his links and statements and lies and exaggerations.

i am seriously considering making the comments open only to those who have legit email addresses, or webpages, or even names.

but what i probably will start doing is just deleting the anonymous ones.

even though that goes against the freedom that i so love about this country. the freedom where even spineless idiots have a voice.

im just not so sure i want this sacred page to be their pissing floor.

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