im running into a situation with miss montreal that i ran in with my true love

several years ago.

the problem is, what do you do when you want to hang out with a girl who is superclose to her best friend who is also her roommate?

in the past i told my truest that i wasnt dating two girls, i was dating one, and she needed to tell her best friend that she had to pick between me and her pal.

it was an ugly situation and i regret that it went down the way it did.

so now its interesting that i find myself in the same conundrum. (new game: every time i use a big word you need to take a shot. so, drink.)

the lovely miss montreal, in this instance, has a lovely roommate who is going through a rocky period with her beau. in order not to “rub it in the face” of the young lady, miss montreal has begun limiting the amount of time that she spends in my many mansions.

at first this hurt my ego, and made things a little more lonely for me. although i probably could have a girlfriend right now, i chose not to, but it is nice to have someone as sweet as this canadian young woman and beautiful and fun, as an overnight guest. it would be nice not to have to even consider the feelings (and possible loneliness) of another adult, like her roommate, who is exceedingly attractive and mature, but i must, even though one would think she could find a new boytoy in the snap of a finger.

so this weekend she came over, we hung, she used me, and when she was done she left me dazzled and dehydrated in a mess on my couch.


i felt good, but i was alone.

problem with dating hot babes is theyre in demand.

is it annoying? oui.

is she worth it?


so i fired up the tv, ordered a pizza and watched Best Week Ever on tivo, and then the sopranos.

and passed out on my couch before 10pm.

woke up alone at 3am and made the walk of shame upstairs to my bedroom.

and fell asleep again. only to wake up a few hours later.



with nothing but strands of pom-poms littered around my front door.

as apparently clipper girl had tried to wake me up last night but i sleep like a figgin rock.

danielle + leah + it was bunnie‘s birthday this weekend and i forgot cuz i suck

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