only i could singlehandedly ruin a re-launch

Blogger re-launched their new service today and of course i screwed my page up big time.

all i wanted to do was quit Haloscan comments (who served me pretty well, i must say) and go over to Blogger comments.

typically i dont fix whats not broken but I like and trust the good people of Blogger/Google and if they think that they have a comment system thats good, then i’m in.

of course i fucked up my site and as soon as i did I sent an email to blogger Help and the lovely kimbalina (pictured) saved my dumb ass.


i have it on good authority that in heaven all the angels are as pleasant and beautiful as my favorite customer service rep, Ms. K., who redesigned her page recently with one of the colorful new Blogger templates which now come free of charge when you have a Blogger account.

I have had many offers to have professionals re-design the busblog and maintain it and edit it and make it sparkely and polished but there are many lifelessons that I want to share with the world and one of them is Even A Dumbass Like Me Can HTML a Blogger Blog which means You Can Too, Dummy.

of course there will be mistakes, and today i made a big one.

for some reason i decided that it would be a good idea to Re-Publish my entire blog, so i clicked on that button and as soon as i did i knew that my blog headers (the picture on the top of each of my blog pages) would get overwritten and become the picture that is currently on the top of this page (the one of MC Brown, karisa and myself).

that was the d’oh heard around the world that you may have experienced earlier today.

win some, lose some, and now ive lost all my old blog headers over the years and you know what, its no big deal.

i do my best not to become attatched to silly things, especially if their only purpose was to have people say, “tony, youre so cool.”

its a busy day today here at the xbi and i barely have time to post this, but i wanted to let you know that the slowness of this blog and the look in the archives were not Blogger’s fault, but mines, and if anything the good people at Blogger saved my ass again and im grateful.

maybe one day they will have a tip jar in the Help section of blogger and when they do i will paypal till it hurts.

i heart kimbalina

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