yes paris its true.

my old company, the one i was part of, the one where i was like the 8th employee is filing for their IPO today.

and yes i had tens of thousands of options.

and yes, as they were laying everyone off three years ago, bungling all the way, letting people do bizarre and outrageous things, keeping the wrong people, getting rid of the wrong people, saying the wrong words, doing the wrong deeds, rewarding the wrong losers, i, the biggest loser of them all, chose not to purchase any of those options.

thats right paris, none.

and so instead of looking at this day as a great day and watching the stock rise and subscribing to the paper so i could see my future grow and grow

and instead of fitting myself for a tux and tails and tophat and monocle, im writing you

on my blog

like a bitch.

i know money isnt everything, but…

well, i’ll put it this way, how many guys riding the bus have you boned lately ms. hilton?

and trust me when i tell you that the first thing i would do if i actually had options that went public and soared would be you.

cuz i may be an idiot but im better than aaron carter or nick carter or whoever that gino is.

ok well my boss is asking me to help him put new toner in the copy/fax/printer.

im sure i’ll get rich some other way.

like faking my own death or something cool.

although if i tried it today, with my luck, id fuck it up.


sexy love,


spartacus + makeout city + dc thornton

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