speaking of blogger burnout

.. america’s favorite blogging sisters, the madpony girls, havent updated their blog in over a month!

so much must have happened since Lauren, aka, shewhoneverposts, reviewed the unforgettable Nick and Jessica Variety Hour on 4/13, and the world is dying to find out.

– did kristin decide to move back into the sorority house?

– did lauren accept the offer to go to the junior prom with Pookie, the new kid from South Central, or did she take the easy way out and go with the captain of the wrestling team?

– whats up with Bugsy, and how many ribbons have they won since last time?

– is Kristin‘s new boyfriend really the former drummer of the Flaming Lips, or is that just a rumor?

– what does Lauren think of Smarty Jones? Does she think he can win the triple crown?

– is dadpony counting the days until both his girls have left the stable and he and mompony can finally enjoy the house to themselves minus phones constantly rining, doors being slammed, and internet connections being used?

– what are the newest trends in footwear?

– what were their insights on the new comedy “Mean Girls”?

– but most pressing: why have the girls completely turned their tanned-backsides on their adoring readers? do they suggest that we all do the same? is it better on the other side? is real life more fulfilling than this virtual shadowdance?

inquiring minds not only want to know, but we need to know.

dare i say, we demand to know.

just as i typed this post, i found laurenpony online.

she was getting ready for work but was able to say a few words for this Exclusive Interview, so rest your fears, shes alive and apparently so is her sister.

dumbme: young ponygirl

lauren: hihi

dumbme: i miss your blog so

dumbme: please promise to write on it when youre done with your schooling

lauren: haha okay that will be next yr

dumbme: no no this spring

lauren: okay perhaps

lauren: its k’s turn to write a post

dumbme: speaking of which, tell your sister to call me when she gets off her handsome beau

lauren: ok lol

sean bonner + votexia + jon henke took the honest blogger quiz, you should too!

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