this was a nothing game.

dont sweat it. the lakers didnt want it. la wasnt into it. i wasnt into it. you werent into it. let the wolves get their bone. just dont let them get used to it.

saw Mean Girls with my truest yesterday. good movie. solid. not the Clueless of this generation, nor the Heathers. but it was suprisingly smart, and good, and whatshername is seriously cute. great themes that young women should learn, but wont. like how “pretty” is relative and boring. tina fey is the hottest chick on tv on saturdays and on that screen she really did actually look like a middleaged highschool teacher. proving that when youre smart and funny you actually look more attractive.

or something.

all i know is tickets for the 2:40p show were $11. each.

this is at the mann’s chinese 6. not the famous manns chinese, but the theatres that they built next to the hollywood landmark in the hollywood & highland complex that houses the kodak theatre and the ryan seacrest show.

85. c. czerwonka

86. jay l.

my true love didnt know that ryan seacrest tapes his show there. and that got her a kiss on the cheek.

we held hands in the movies. as always. but it was different than ever before. we really are growing apart. shes dating and im dating thats bound to change your perspective on things.

we both have equally unfulfilling jobs. difference is she gets raises and promotions and bonuses and i get shit reviews even though someone showed me my production numbers for this month and im the highest in the company. and still they insult me to my face.

odd thing is, shes way more affected by her situation than i am in mine. she thinks about her gig on the weekend and stresses. i dont. not cuz im a better person, just cuz i guess ive lost that idealistic part of me that whispers

youve GOT to do something amazing in your life or else youve WASTED something.

God is everywhere. God is in everything. even in shit. even in mediocrity. even in the xbi. even in the lonely silence of chopper one ten thousand feet above the 405. and where theres God theres magic plus crazy love.

and you know what He’s saying? He’s saying come out lazereth. youre not dead. you might be in a casket. you might have your dead man’s clothes on, but youre not dead. come out. and lazereth walked out of san antonio with his fist in the air bitches.

dude at work the other day asked me how i handle it there with all the bullshit. hes pretty new but you can see within a few days what youre up against. and i said once youve given up on your dreams theres a suprisingly larger realm of possibility that appears for you. some that might actually eclipse your stupid former goals.

and right when i said that two girls from the third floor came walking by and almost on cue said hi tony at the same time and giggled embarrasingly at their unexpectedly singsongy harmony.

and in the middle of the laughing i heard one of them say jinx.

impeach dubya + the unsomnambulist + chadster + trogers and the iranian truth all took the quiz

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