at work im an underpaid superhero

risking life and limb for the benefit of a greater good.

but in real life im just a normal dude.

who am i to tell you how to write your blog.

but one thing i would like to see more of on the blogs that i read are pictures of your town.

blogger will even host your pictures for free.

or you could use buzznet.

or you could upload the pics onto your own server.

the point is, it’s not hard to do, it’s cheap, and it’s 2004 it’s ok to have pictures on your blog.

i say make it of your town. i say make it of the places that are ordinary to you, and things that are everyday, and some things that arent so everyday.

my man in the picture there is wearing a tshirt that says Atari on it. it’s a tribute in a way to lots of people’s first video game system.

neauvoux nostalgia some of my more cynical friends say, but its sometimes a good idea to ignore those folks.

anyway, show me whats going on in your neighborhood.

maybe once a week at least you should do something along those lines.

my true love is coming over right now.

shes driving up vermont and shes going to bring me two peices of extra crispy

mashed potatoes

and hot buttered love on a cob.

she had one request before she came over,

that i wouldnt say anything about riggs bank.

saidy + my sassy wife moxie + handwashing for lyfe

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