danielle’s roommate works

for a major movie studio. since im casually looking for new employment, i took a long lunch yesterday and filled out an application.

after the regular blah blah blah of where do you currently work (Denny’s), where do you live, etc, there came a part where they asked about writing ideas. ideas for tv shows, radio shows, and movies.

i wasnt sure if they were trying to steal ideas from me, figure out if i was crazy, figure out if i was a good employee, or seriously trying to find out if i could write something good in a small room while under the gun.

since i didnt trust any of it i took little pictures of what they asked and what i wrote. here’s one little section.

We would like you to think of your own idea for a movie that is tailored specifically towards all things you consider “manly.” Please write:

1. The movie title

2. A short synopsis of the plot

3. An explanation of how exactly this movie is representative of your own personal thoughts and feelings about being a man

1. Death Goes Crazy II

2. Two teenage brothers, recently orphaned have to figure out a way to pay for their grandparents’s medical bills or end up in foster care with the creepy catholic priest guy. So they wind up barbacking at the strip club at the state line where they learn about the birds and bees very quickly and end up realizing that they have quite a talent for long range riflery while doing a “favor” for the boss who also doubles as a loan shark.

Everything is great until they are busted. Forced with the option of jail or working undercover for the fbi, they choose the feds and start taking out “terrorists” with uncanny accuracy and poise.

As they travel they continue to visit strip clubs around the world, learning a variety of successful marketing schemes and sharing them with whoever will listen. they even give tips to the dancers on how to close sales, get repeat sales, and groovy dance moves.

One day they find out that the FBI has been using them. Their targets in many cases werent terrorists, but simply people the fbi didnt like. for any reason. when they learn this, they teach the strippers the secrets of marksmanship and the blood of evil fbi agents everywhere fill the streets when death goes crazy.

danielle + andrew dice clay cusses on cnn + who says the kids are apathetic?

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