the get tony the dumbass an ipod

blog experiment shakedown blegging show is almost over.

in less than 24 hours, you, the good readers of the busblog have donated $140 of your hard earned cash. and for that i am humbled and grateful.

thank you, kind souls.

that means that we only need 13 people today to flow $20.

thirteen, my favorite number.

7. c. rockwell $5

8. t. bradeen $20

9. mark p (from the UK!) $10

10. j. ford $10.01

11. sylkk $20

thirteen the difference between life and death.

ok maybe its not that dramatic, but…

heres what some of you are saying as you flow:

“i read your blog every day tony, you deserve an ipod!”

“Your blog gives me something to do when things are quiet at work, and for that I think you deserve an iPod. Good luck reaching your target!”

“here ya go man. thanks for making my work day in the cube a bit more enjoyable.”

“I think I’m sending money to you that I originally sent for blook II. Its just been sitting around since thanksgiving. Another way to describe giving is that 10 bucks is less than a magazine subscription but you put out way more than any magazine.”

damn straight, america, damn straight.

thirteen is the number, friends.

and ask requested by one of my loyal readers, i bit the bullet and set up an amazon page for those who wish to flow via amazon.

Amazon Honor System

Click Here to Pay Learn More

and of course, theres always paypal, my love.

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