how not to ride on the bus

1) put your feet on the seats

2) laugh for no reason, and then say “shit, man”

3) drink coffee when the sign clearly says no drinking or eating

4) lay across three seats during morning rush hour

and i suppose 5) should be

5) dont say “what?” when the undercover xbi agent taps you on your shoulder

for that agent might be flashing you the handle of his revolver, as a courtesy.

aj spent the night last night.

always a strange situation when a sexpert wants to share your bed with you.

what do you do?

do you make the moves? do you not make the moves? do you try to show her all the great things you’ve learned since you were in college together?

or do you do as your hero did which was lay in the bed, hands at your side, sleeping without moving because theres nothing you can show this gurl that she hasnt seen already

and besides youre just friends


this morning we both woke at 7:30am after being up till 2:30am talking talking talking.

she has a belief that i will one day be able to teach Bukowski at uc santa barbara.

i dont even dare to dream those sorts of dreams.

but as my fellow busrider proved this morning, sometimes reality is what you make it.

happy 22nd birthday votexia + 9/11 commision report + roger ebert meets charles bukowski

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