i was thinking about seeing Rush on wednesday

i just hope that this food poisoning that i got last night eating some miso-whorni soup passes by then. its the hollywood bowl for petesake. how bad could it be?

the last time i was there was a while back when karisa and i saw santana. it was so bad that we walked as far up to the top of the bowl so we could talk all night. the problem was it sounded exactly like his record. even the solos were note-for-note, and he didnt want to play any of his old stuff cuz he was about to win all those grammys for that new one.

my true love is over too. shes sick too. we’re both very lucky that i always have far too much tp in the house. and theyre double rolls. why wouldnt you buy double rolls if you could?

at their most expensive, a huge multipack of tp is gonna set you back eight bucks. the day eight bucks breaks me is a day i deserve to crap in my cutoffs.

it came on during 60 minutes last night. kerry and edwards were smiling and laughing and interrupting each other like theyre never going to have the chance to open their mouths all summer. it started the agita.

chill out fellas, i said to the tv as i popped tums. so defensive. if i was them i would just laugh at everything.

q. sen kerry, they say that sen edwards has no experience to be vp.

a. ahahahahaha. tell whoever said that wisdom knows know age. america is young. america is the greatest country. especially if youre white. and handsome. like sen edwards. and male.


male helps.

a blogger can dream cant he.

yes im delirious. yes im dehydrated. yes i want to talk about my excretions. but i will save that for later.

ive now read all the magazines in my bathroom.

if you know my magazine collection, you know how impressive that is.

we tried to watch the Dreamers last night on dvd. so bad.

trio was having a The Parking Lot marathon, so we kept going back over to that.

walk with fire + jaime + nay

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