if angelina jolie wants to get a tattoo

she should be allowed to get a damn tattoo, the crazy woman in the back of the bus said over and over and over

and over again.

i was late. the busses were running late. the subway was late. the sun was late. but the wheelchair guy was right there next to me and the guy the fbi has been trying to keep close on my trail was right there and i just stared at him until he went across the street and got on a red bus.

finally an orange bus arrived and we started rolling.

she can get a damn tattoo if she pleases. angelina jolie.

the woman said most of this to the window.

the bus stopped at the el pollo loco and a chubby black dude got on. he was in mid cell phone conversation.

yeah i saw fahrenheight 9/11 the other day finally.

yeah it was real good, i mean he has his biases, but it was pretty strong.

yeah i know. but you really should see it. bush just sits there. and the music is really good.

yeah she says that LA doesnt have any regular people, and i disagree with that. shes from indiana. then she moved to chicago. but chicago is so condensed. in LA you have to drive around a little to find it.

the crazy lady kept mimicing what the brotha was saying but he didnt notice.

yeah she’s claiming emeryville but emeryville didnt even exist until ’97-’98, there was the world market, but thats it. the train station. claiming emeryville, i wanted to tell her, bitch you from oakland.

you from oakland, the woman told the window.

you from oakland.

wheelchair guy got out. dressed up asian lady got out. she was very nervous. too dressed up, maybe it was a job interview she had to go to.

you from oakland.

my stop was coming up but i didnt want to pull the string.

when you pull the string a prerecorded voice of a woman announces Stop Requested. its a new thing. i think they started it around the first of the year. so relatively new.

i didnt want to pull the string cuz then the bus would stop and i would have to go to work. work is gonna suck today cuz we’re going to hang out under this one place. by under i mean under. in the sewer for a while. then crawl behind the building. then pop out through a manhole cover. welcome to the glamorous life of the xbi.

lately ive been pulling the string after my stop. im weird. prolonging the inevitable for one more minute. one day i wont pull the string at all and just ride the bus to the end of the line, santa monica beach. which is full of tourists this time of year.

stop requested stop requested the crazy lady said.

i pulled the string and remembered it was friday and i wondered why i didnt call in sick.

oh thats right, because there is no calling in sick at the xbi.

they will come and get you if youre sick

and by get you i dont mean pick you up.

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