one day i hope to throw out a first pitch.

when i do i wont throw from in front of the mound like the next president of the united states did last night.

when i do, i will throw it from the rubber, atop the mound. like you should.

i know why people throw from the infield grass. because it’s easier.

not like 60 feet, 6 inches is far. but it is far for those of us who dont throw baseballs every day.

but that is where the problem lies.

sure basketball is what everyone talks about these days. and football’s tailgating and hoopla has had the nation in its bosom for years. and nothing beats the superbowl.

baseball is our national pasttime. simple and passive at it is, it’s the game we all love. and because of that we should be throwing baseballs every day.

and on top of that, the guy who wants to lead this fine land should be able to huck a four-seamer across fenway no problem.

shit, carnies can do it left handed and knock over thick steel milk bottles.

yes, i want to throw out the first pitch one day and when i do, if i did it at beautiful fenway, i will have to do a Luis Tiant wind-up

look up at the sky like fernando

and knuckleball that sonofabitch like the niekros.

and when i do it, i will do it from the rubber.

like a man.

one little caveat: in San Francisco there are many great things. one of them is called the Exploratorium.

many moons ago when i lived in frisco the Exploratorium had a few special exhibits celebrating the grand game of baseball.

one of the exhibits had a plastic mound, a home plate and a radar gun.

the idea was to throw the ball over the plate from the mound as hard as you could.

but what i discovered was it was difficult for me to even get the damn thing over for a strike.

and my speed was a paltry 60 MPH.

granted, i was 106 years old at the time. but it was a mean 106.

perhaps this is why you see people like Sen. Kerry scooch up a good 15 feet or so.

either way, the next leader of the free world should have a little mustard on his fastball.

lord knows castro can still bring it.

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