spider-man 2

starring Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire

directed by Sam Raimi

the food poisoning subsided in the late afternoon so my sweet love and i risked it and went to westwood to catch the four o’clock showing of spiderman at the historic mann village theatre, which is rarely full, and this afternoon was no exception.

there was us and two other couples and four old ladies.

even though i hadnt eaten anything since a glass of juice at dawn, i still had my eye zeroed in on the mens room and was glad that nobody would be in my way.

but sam raimi, kirsten and toby’s sole expression of awe sent me into another world another time another place entirely. the world of spider-man.

sami raimi is one of my favorite directors. evil dead 2 is a classic that i saw in westwood weeks after it had come out. to have someone as talented and creative and darkly funny as sam raimi on a big budget comic book blockbuster like this is a match made in heaven. it is the real success of this franchise.

and the writing is good. and the special effects are flawless. the music sucks but kirsten is gorgeous and the colors are perfect and sam knows how to deliver the goods.

and it’s funny. and the antagonist is strong, and quick and fast and tough. all the things that are important to a good story. and kirsten is a babe.

and america there are lessons there for everyone.

it got a little heavy.

but it was alright.

on the greg vaine scale of reviewing films i give spider-man 2 a good good good.

– – – – –

box office mojo reports that spidey ($45 mil) nearly doubled second-place weekend finisher anchorman ($28), and king arthur in third was almost half of that ($15 mil).

but in fourth, remarkably is Fahrenheit 9/11 who earned $11 million last weekend while only showing on two thousand screens. spider-man, to add perspective was on 4,166 screens, anchorman was on 3,091 screens.

F-9/11 was on fewer screens than any other film in the top ten. the notebook, white chicks, dodge ball, the terminal, shrek 2, and sleepover were all on more screens than michael moore’s documentary, and all got beat by him.

in the three weeks that its been out, the award winning film has earned over $80 million in the US.

meanwhile yesterday in the UK it broke their opening day record for a documentary by raking in $2.4 million over the weekend.

the controversial film is on pace of breaking the $100 million mark in the US, which would be a first for a documentary.

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