the apple ipod experiment is now over!

20. steve, $11.99

21. anonymous, $5

22. brian, $10

23. rene, $40

24. apple $63

yes, thats right Apple themself contacted me and told me that they would give me 15% off!

wtf is that all about!?!?!?!

i’ll tell you what its about, its about the unbelievable mystical powers of the blog.

which is real.

i keep telling you people that theres something magical about this crazy lil thing, and there is.

and i thank each and every one of you for being a part of it.

its wonderful, and in 2-3 days i will have my little music machine in my grasp and i will take a picture and show you what i got engraved on the back.

i think you will be pleased.

thanks again nice people, i feel blessed.

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