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i have a new favorite show. thank you hbo. it’s called family bonds. it’s about a family where the papa is a bail bondsman.

part Cops part Sopranos, HBO takes us into the home and into the van of some of the toughest s.o.b.s youd never want to meet.

the dad is so abrasive that as he is teaching his nine year old son how to ride a bike he calls him names and makes the little fella cry. sad and touching as it is, i found myself chuckling as the sobbing kid ran to his mothers arms.

the tough love doesnt end there. when calling an ex-con who forgot to pay the bail that is owed, our hero, tom evangelista, tells the con’s girlfriend, “did your boyfriend like Riker’s Island? Cuz if he doesnt pay up, he’s going back!”

theres a scene where the wives of the bondsmen discuss their sex life. theres the hot daughter who works at the office and consoles a coworker that she wont get yelled at for not having the right paperwork ready.

it’s the prefect family doing dangerous work and not giving an f what anyone else things about anything.

i love it and im sure you will love it too.

unless youre a nine year old with sensitive feelings.

or an ex con on the run.

my only question is, how does Showtime feel to have its ass kicked routinely by HBO at everything?

UCSB alert: former Associated Students Program Board member Pax Wasserman is co-producer of this fine series.

the santa barbara mafia marches on…

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