so bored last night

nothing at all going on and then i remembered that i hadnt called my mom yet for her birthday. when i got her on all we did was talk about politics. it was pretty funny.

she asked me to start writing about kerry more on here because she is afraid that bush will win again. i was all mom, i only get 1,000 hits a day. she was all, thats 7,000 a week.

she said is the old lady who lives across the street registered to vote?

i was like Mom! shes 91 years old, shes not gonna go to any polling booths. and she said Vote by Mail!

and you know thats what we have to start thinking about. think about your neighbors, think about your block. who on your block might not vote if not for you? that retard kid at the mail boxes etc… is he 18? register his ass. the old man who walks his crazy three legged dog. ask him if he’s registered. all the people you work with. apu at the quickie mart.

if you can register two people who wouldnt vote if it werent for you then maybe one of them will vote.

thats called making a difference busbloggers. in boy scouts you would have gotten a Civil Service badge. but since this is the real world, it will get you a real president instead of this dillweed we got now.

so heres my john kerry story for the day.

as you know im a big fan of the Regis and Kelly Lee show. well this morning old regis had a great show, sen kerry and tiger woods. not bad. two guys who oughtta be doing a lot better than theyre doing.

so kerry is being asked about this and that and regis says so what about these debates. and it might have been a set up, like kerry might have said, hey ask me about the debates when i get out there

cuz when reege goes how about these debates

kerry goes, yeah we have three lined up but the president wants to have a few lifelines for the hard questions.

nearly choked on my apple juice it was so funny.

just another blog + listen missy + welch points us to an upcoming piece in the air force times about bush’s stint

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