the pixies

the greek theatre


on what couldnt be a more beautiful warm clear perfect indian summer night in los feliz, one of my favorite bands the pixies played their quirky crazed and melodic music under the stars to a sold out house on the second night of their stay here in hollywood.

the crowd of mostly thirtysomethings relived their college salad days as the quartet delved generously into their four albums that were released one a year from 1988-1991, the peak of the alt-rock/grunge era, one of the high points in rock history

1991 Trompe le Monde

1990 Bossanova

1989 Doolittle

1988 Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim

almost like in a vegas nightclub each song was greeted with applause after the opening notes fluttered through the night air.

not nearly as exciting and dangerous as their secret show at the glass house earlier this year, but how are you going to compare a special club gig to a sit-down event like this?

hardly any stage effects or production, hardly any special lights, what i saw last night were three aging bald guys and everyones favorite bassist (who recently chopped off her locks and who now looks ironically like a soccer mom) reel off great tune after great tune effortlessly to a crowd who hasnt heard good music in a very long time.

karisa drove me and my pal ken up the hill to the show and i took a cab back down ($10), i took care of some unfinished business and then watched the tivo’ed apprentice and i was in my nice bed by midnight.

the summer has now officially ended on a high note.

thank you pixies for reuniting, i hope you enjoy your wheelbarrows of cash, you deserve it.

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